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What specific thing about the future scares you the most?

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I think that finding extraterrestrial life can be pretty scary. We (the humans) are constantly searching for it but we are not sure what will we do if we find it. For example, how do we know that they will be friendly? If they come to us than they will surely have better technology than we do.

Also, what if they come to us and bring viruses and diseases that we are not immune? One supervirus could destroy the whole life on Earth!

Other than that, the advancement of technology can be pretty scary too if it's not controlled. We could really end up destroying the whole planet Earth with fosile fuel.

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The possibility of water scarcity and food supply running out. We are living on borrowed time. If I am correct there was a phenomenon called the the great cooling in 1816 called (YEAR WITHOUT SUMMER) due to a volcanic eruption which caused temperatures to fall around the world leading to crop failures. If similar thing happened now we will not be able to cope. People die. They might end up trying newer foodsources such as bats which can carry deadly viruses which if transmitted to humans can cause a deadly situation similar to Ebola scare. We don't have vaccines to certain diseases as they are rare and not comercially profitable to invest effort in. So a World War Z is possible.

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Artificial Intelligence is scary. I mean human intelligence is a lot scarier but having machines that can control weapons on their own is a whole new level of scary.


I'm not at all Worried About World end Due to Nuclear Weapons or Terrorist Activities.

I'm just Slightly Worried how Pharma Industry will evolve and what Experiments in this field will lead Humanity too.

This Billion Dollar industry is thriving on Invention of new viruses by themselves and again vaccines for the same by same people.

It feels like Govt is Under their Control and Nobody can stop them spreading FUD and Ripping People.

Development and Advancements in AI field is Very Scary.

What if all Jobs are Taken by Self learning Bots and there is Less need of Human Effort for Everything.

How Will the Less Efficient and Not in Power Humans Would Survive on this Earth.

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Many great candidates were addressed, so let me go on with this one specific thing:


I'm worried about the concentration of money to the worlds richest 1%. 3/4 of the wealth is said to be in the hands of those people by the year 2030. At the same time as population on the earth keeps rising steadily I think there are many, many people left without a chance from the start of their lifes. This is seriously concerning and should be looked into. It could cause unbelievable social problems. But at the same time as power and money are close to each other, nothing is probably done to this problem.

Other concerning this is the capitalism itself: can it be sustained in the long term anymore? The principles of capitalism itself are debt and continous growth. Debt levels are starting to be so high in many countries that they have to cut from basic needs of the people and if you do so you'll have even less of money in the future to pay back your debt (for example saving from education). Debt is too central to the system and it has been used carelessly. Not only that, but I'm wondering where does it all lead? Capitalism in itself is based on trust that people will continue on loaning money to other people and thus ensuring money flow. But, what if the payback times are starting to stretch into 50 years or 100 years and so on? If you can't get paid back in your lifetime, is it worth it to lend out your money? As trust in the ability to payback loans wanes so does the willingness to lend. If there is not enough money to be lend, then there is no means to make continuous growth as substantial part of it is made through the means of different types of loans to companies and so on. I'm worried that the problems caused by this are settled just like in history: through war.

Other thing to mention when discussing sustainability is nature itself: can it sustain continous growth? It seems that it can't and therefore the whole principle of continous growth should be thinked over and at the same time lending should be slowed down as if there is no continous growth there can't be as much spending and so on. In essence, I'm wishing that we could move to a time where capitalism is rethought to be more environmentally friendly and less loan based.

Do keep in mind that I don't hold a finance degree nor necessarily understand how these things work. It is completely my opinion. Please do correct me in the comments if you can point out the errors in my thinking. Thanks!


The more advance we get, access to quality healthcare, decrease for the masses!

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Two ideas of how technological advances will shape our future concern many people. Let’s call the first idea the “automation” problem and the second idea the “autonomy” problem.

The automation problem centers around the global race to build the first commercially viable robots. Robots that not only replace almost all manual labor provided by humans now, but many white-collar jobs that can be automated as well.

The main consequence of the automation problem that’s hard to predict is the social and economic displacement that will certainly take place. Anyone who owns, can program or do maintenance work on robots will have a place in the economy. Owners will reap the biggest monetary rewards, followed by programmers and service technicians, in that order.

What about the rest of us? People who provide highly specialized services that can’t be replicated through automation will be fine economically. The vast majority of people who won’t fit into any of these categories? Many fear they will be left behind, the divide between the top and bottom becoming even larger than it is today.

When will wide-spread robot use happen? It has already started. Amazon uses thousands of vacuum-cleaner sized robots to pick orders off the shelves. Humans used to do that. Fanuc, a Japanese manufacturer, is making incredibly sophisticated robots already. In another decade, say by 2030, robot-use will be wide-spread enough that it will not longer seem like a novelty.

Robots, and other technologically enabled automation, will provide huge benefits. But, it would be naive to think there won’t also be massive changes resulting from the jobs that will no longer exist that are currently filled by people making less than $50,000 a year in the U.S.

Turning to the autonomy problem, this is the dystopian scenario envisioned in the Terminator movie. The autonomy problem is any scenario you can envision in which the technology we have created (1) operates independently of human input and (2) has the ability to self-maintain, to replicate and to alter its programming. Many people think advances in AI will soon reach this point.

Reducing human interactions.

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The anti-vax movement spreading terrifies me. The current state of US politics is also extremely scary, as it seems like we are constantly on the verge of a civil war.


Getting and survival in the private jobs specially for our next generation.

Technology is becoming very advance and creating more competitive environment for everyone.

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