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What tastes so good you can’t believe it’s healthy?

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I use it instead of sugar in my coffee and it's great! I put it just enough that the coffee is not bitter and it doesn't change it's taste. Obviously, if you put too much, coffee won't taste good because it will have a taste of honey.

OK, some would say that the coffee is not healthy, but this way it's a little more healthier that with white sugar :)

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Salsa on eggs.

Healthier than ketchup, and tastes far better.

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Home-made popcorn is really healthy and is a great snack for a lot of occasions.

Just don't buy that ones that you make in a microwave, buy corn seeds, make them, mix them in melted butter and salt and enjoy!

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I would have to say avocado mixed with tuna.

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While too much of it is obviously bad, fruit in general is healthy as long as you don’t have too much of it

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Anything which is home-made 😇

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Almonds and raisins!

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Amla is used as a Medicine. They take it in liquid form along with Neem, honey, garlic some other Seed extracts.

It tastes quite Good and it's has incredible health benefits.


Butter Chiken !

no, wait ..

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Peanut Butter and dark chocolates.. Absolutely yummy and too healthy. 😋

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