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What things you miss most from your childhood days

Most of us really miss out our childhood time. The early morning routine, getting ready for school, rainy holidays, eating lunch during class.. I can go on and on. Those were the golden days. What are your childhood stories? What things you remember the most?
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Oh my where to start.
The freedom, freedom from technology and society, I grew up in a rural part of Northern California and could ride my bike day or night 5 miles to a friends house no problem, no worries maybe a couple cars would pass by.
Sometimes we wouldn’t even call coal rat from the landline. I knew all my friends phone numbers by heart and dialed them on a rotary phone!
we would go down the creek or climb up a tree or ride our bikes etc!
there was no cell phone, computers were brand new. ‘Y dad

I was raised into a joint family. We were 5 kids including my cousins staying under the same roof. Besides there were few others staying next to our place.
There are lot many memories which are very close to my heart:
1.Early Morning my granny used to wake all of us 5 and then we used to hide into the guest’s rooms and store rooms to get some extra sleep.
2. After having breakfast, my uncle used to give one apple to each of us to have it on our way to school and we used to hide it into a rarely used cupboard downstairs. I still remember, once it was opened after so long and lots of rotten apples were there and we all were scolded badly.
3. School was the best part of the day. I have always been a chatterbox; my teachers used to come and say that you are so loud. They all used to love me a lot, it was fun :)
4. Once back from school, post lunch we all used to play cricket on terrace. I used to do the batting part and then while bowling and fielding, I used to run off as I was always so scared that the ball will hit me, and my elder cousin used to get
irritated :D He still hates me for that.
5. I used to fake sickness almost every day to get chocolates from my granddad. He always used to get extra for me and since I loved to paint, I used to demand lots of colors every month from him.
6. I was a big-time chocolate lover, my dad used to get it at night and he used to give it to me secretly from mom and I used to eat those during night and daily morning I was being caught by Mom.
7. Me and my cousins we used to stitch lots of clothes for our doll and then we used to bug mom to prepare food in our little toy utensils for our dolls.
8. There was a garden behind our house, there were lots of plants (flowers and fruits), we used to try cross hybrid sampling which was being taught to us at school and somehow, we used to spoil the stems and again scolded by granddad.
9. One of the funniest thing I remember is my elder cousin used to ask me my pocket money and used to say that I will grow a money plant for you and he used to dig a hole and place all my money into it. After some time when I used to go from
there, he used to dig back and take all my money from there.
10.  There was a home tutor who used to come to teach all of us and I hated him absolutely. He used to ask us to write a page of Hindi and English stories to improve our hand writings. I used to write all the bad things about him in between the stories stating you are the worst, you eat lot, you know nothing, why do you come everyday sort of things and he used to sign it daily and used to give me good ratings. One day my dad read the entire notebook full of shitty things about that teacher and scolded me and the teacher as well for being so careless :D
There are lot many things and I still have frequent flashes of memories from those days.
I had an unusual but interesting childhood. I used to stay in Lonavala in Naval Colony and these colonies are the best place to be. Everyday was adventure. There were tons of experiences but few things I miss the most.
  1. My typical school journey was through mountains, dams, a bit of forests. Miss those bus rides to, they were extremely fun.
  2. My evenings would be climbing the nearby hill, chilling on dams with friends and eating sweet corn while walking in ankle deep water in the dam.
  3. The best thing I miss is during rainy season we used to catch small baby crabs and then held racing matches between them.
  4. Republic day and Independence day was like biggest event there.
  5. The only electronic technology that I use was TV and my favorite cartoons include Swat Kats, Aladdin, Johnny Quest, Captain Planet and of course Scooby doo and Dexter Laboratory.

I miss those golden old days.
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I miss the feeling of belonging the most. When ever I get the chance to spend 2-3 days with my family, especially during christmas, I get this warm feeling inside of what it used to be a family as a whole. Everything falls back to its place, these people inside of the family are genuinely interested in each other and it feels like everything is right with the world. You're safe, happy and feeling like you used to. It takes all the worry of being older, of parents being older, of being able to have a good career and make the most of life. It just is, life as a family.

Even though I enjoy my freedom and my own life as well, this feeling from the past that you usually get from the holidays makes you wonder if you just could go back to that place. In this individualistic western life it isn't possible and probably wouldn't even be that great in the long run, but there is nothing like family which makes me hope that I can one day have a family which would have strong ties like those that I have with my family.
The Fridays!
Fridays were really special. For starters, it used to mark the beginning of another weekend which meant no school, no waking up at 5 AM and (no studies altogether).
Soon after having my lunch and a quick nap, we used to play cricket on our terrace until it got pitch dark and we couldn’t see the ball.
Going to natives place in summer vacations.
Last moment copying homework from most studious student in class.
Sports Day :D
Fighting for tiffin during lunch.
I think the best thing was, my whole world was in a 5 miles radius. My friends and family where all within five minute walk. My school was so close, most of the kids would play there after school and weekends. The swimming and fishing was also just a few minutes away. several of my class friends live in the same area. Now that I think about it. We even a church in that same neighborhood. Those were the days.
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A carefree mind. I realized that childhood were the most enjoyable days because those where the phases in life when you worry the least. As you grow up, you start worrying about the future and outcomes of your actions.
Things are a bit evanescent now days, everything is available using internet but it doesn't stick to your memory like in the old days. 
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Metabolism !

Anything and everything that you ate went into the black hole literally :D
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