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What unpopular opinion do you hold?

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I have an opinion that nothing is right or wrong and there is no validity of the structured law that we follow. It seems vague and somewhat claustrophobic to think of the ways we percieve right and wrong as it's a perceptional reality, not actuality.


That cryptocurrencies have the ability to change the world in fundamental ways in the next 3-10 years. Usually people listen until they hear "cryptocurrency" meaning half a sentence until they think of ponzi schemes and fraud and shy away from your ideas. Only small minority can believe that there is absolutely no way that we are using our fiat in 2030 like it is used today. In all of the cyberpunk movies and prophecies of the 2020s carry an idea of digital money. This image is very familiar to people. How ever, masses usually don't believe, until mass media literally dumps it to their face. And by the time they do, they're also too late to get excited. But, this is how it works. Those who seek out the future and adopt early, will get there, and those who heard it from the news try to get there, but they've just landed on top of the iceberg to find out it will melt from under them at any moment.


I think working for someone else for most of you life is a self defeating thing. I would prefer to take the risk of working as a freelancer or starting a business. However I do realize it longer hours and a harder road to travel.

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Trump is the best president ever

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"Be silent".

Speak up to say what needs to be said, whether it be apologies or confrontations or thank you or encouragements or anything.

I have an opinion that swear words actually have no meaning whatsoever. They only have meaning because people give them meaning for no reason.