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What was the greatest lie ever told?

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What is your first instinct when you see this picture?

What have you been told all your life? .......... That these three monkeys represent .. Speak No Evil, See No Evil and Hear No Evil .......... Am I right ?

What if I told you ..... that for each monkey that speaks no evil, two does; for each monkey that sees no evil, two does and for each monkey that hears no evil two does..............
There is no such thing as good or evil. Good doesn't exist in the absence of evil and vice versa. The philosophy is to let everything be in plain sight and let you rationalize. You are what you observe and if you observe everything, you are neither good nor bad; you can choose whoever you want to be when the time comes.
The greatest lie ever told was telling children Santa Clause exists 😆😆😆😆
Choose engineering , after that everything will be roses and lily ....
The flat Earth model is the biggest lie i have ever heard!
The year is 1502.

You are Christopher Columbus, your ship and sailors have landed in Central America.

Your supplies are running dangerously thin, food and water have nearly run out.

You are infinitely far from home, in foreign, unfamiliar lands. The local natives, Arahawk tribes, are refusing to supply you with food or water.

With your life and that of your crews on the line, you must formulate a plan. Their lives depend on you.

You return to your ship, you begin brainstorming, consulting your almanacs and literature you’ve brought with you.

You discover something.

In 3 days time there will be a Lunar eclipse. This gives you an idea.

You meet with the Arahawk Chief who dislikes you and your men.

You tell him that your god is very angry with him and his tribe for refusing to feed your crew.

The Chief is indifferent, writing you off as a desperate liar.

You then warn him that your god will send a sign of his anger in 3 days time.

Sure enough as your almanac has said, 3 days later, the Moon began to be eclipsed in the sky.

The chief and his people immediately come running over with supplies, begging for mercy.

You tell him that you will discuss the matter with your God.

You return to your cabin, you set an hourglass over, knowing full well the duration of the eclipse.

Just before the peak of the eclipse, you emerge from your cabin and declare that the god has decided to grant them mercy for their cooperation.

You have lied your sweet ass off and in the process, saved a lot of lives. Someone owes you a drink.
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"Invest in fixed deposits or 401ks to become financially independent "
Lol... like lol rofl, rotffl....
The biggest lie i have ever heard that was in the History of Christianity, it is "Encounter"

I told my wife i dont invest in crypto..
I don't know