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What will no longer exist in 20 years?

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Touch-screen mobile phones and PCs as they are eradicated and form a new device that you carry along with enough power to effectively replace computers for many people. They are controlled through your glasses, brains or even attached to you. Facebook has been long gone and replaced by some kind of new social media (or atleast I truly hope so).

Digital money has replaced most of fiat throughout the world because fiat is too costly to maintain and less reliable and fast at that point. Significant number of jobs are being replaced by robots and AI. European union is at risk of falling apart due to its problems and centralization and because there will be around 20% more population due to mass immigration which will cause turbulence in member states of the union. Civil rights are being suppressed and many freedoms that we enjoy today are probably gone. Who knows if there is money still to pay people their pension as there is less tax-paying workforce and the richest 1% of people in the world will own most likely 3/4 of all wealth by that time. There might not be enough money left for such things unless something fundamentally changes in the money policies.


A huge number of low-lying islands that will be completely covered by rising sea level.

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With the advancements in payments technology, I think cash register receipts will be gone. you would be amazed at how much paper is used in restaurants, bars, and retail shops.


Some of the people born in 1950s-70s !


Possibly mobile phones themselves. I think AI will undo most hardware we carry. Most of our surroundings may use 3d projection. Holograms might become a big thing. We might not need to carry any devices in future. Just biometrics.

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VR, It will be far more advanced and would be renamed to AR, Actual reality.

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Unfortunately, I think we will all eat various nutritients in the form of pills very soon. Classic food is expensive to produce, store and transport and takes a lot of time to make.

We eat it in its current form because there are no alternatives, when they make alternatives we will probably switch to them. Food tastes great and it is impossible to imagine life without it but yes, that is one of the things I think modern society will leave us without.


Internet (as we know it)

Article 13 and 11 were just approved by the EU, however the final vote will be in January 2019.

Article 13, and its sibling Article 11, are contentious pieces of EU copyright law that, opponents claim, could destroy the internet as we know it. It's been referred to as the "meme ban", as well as censorship.

You can read more about it here.


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Cable TV. Most probably TV streaming will happen over high speed internet thus making Cable & D2H providers redundant.

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Petrol vehicles...World will be moving on electric Vehicles ..