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What would you do if you suddenly landed in Antarctica tomorrow?

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I would head straight for the warm region, there is no ice, warm water and a little vegetation.

Yes Admiral Bird found them on his expeditions.

Geothermal activities across large areas of Antarctica in the inland region.

Most the Bunger Hills Area !

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Enjoy the Surprise

My focus is always to be happy whatever situation my come.

If I landed in Antartica first thing is to protect myself from Cold. So first thing is look for Human habitat and ask for help. If I'm stuck in Forest then its gonna "Survival Of the Fittest",so it's critical to kill Killer animals and some for Food.

Next is build a home from the resources I get and then a Small fire camp to keep Home Warm.

It has always been my dream to have pets, I would prefer Wolfs in that extreme Weather.

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The buildings at McMurdo resemble a mining town. Largely frame or cinderblock structures that appear to date to the 60s to 80s. Many people have to share quarters: 2-4 in a room, depending on how long they are likely to be in town. The three reporters that NSF brought down got the luxury of staying in a single room (although there were two beds if they had to double up). At the South Pole I'm told everyone gets a single room.

At McMurdo, there may be as many as 1,000 people in for a summer. But I don't think they're all present in town at the same time. For instance, many of the scientists who flew in from Christchurch with us only spent 5 to 7 days in town before they were scheduled to be airlifted to field sites where they would live in tent communities for a month or more. And there is a constant stream of people coming in from or cycling back out to Christchurch (and then home).

We stayed in twin beds. Very utilitarian. There was a wardrobe unit to serve as a tiny closet and two three-drawer cabinets. Sliding drawers allowed storage of even more under the beds. And hooks on the wall behind the door allowed us to hang coats or our insulated coveralls.

The room next to mine seemed a bit larger and instead of two twin beds it had stacked bunks.

In our building there were two washrooms--women's on the first floor, men's on the second. A lounge carried a TV and a wall full of paperback books and cassette tapes or DVDs for use with the TV. There was also an ancient sofa (looked to be a 40-year-old cast-off).

Overall, the digs were adequate but in no way plush--unless you compare them to the idea of tenting it on the ice.

- So there are buildings and stations in antaractica, a person can survive by the help of others.

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I Would join the original tribesmen, natives of Antarctica that if they do exist, i would astonish them with my modern knowledge and eventually become emperor of Antarctica.

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Probably take selfies with penguines.

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  1. Find a colony of penguins
  2. Gain the trust of the penguins and integrate into their society
  3. Accompany penguins on fishing expeditions to get food
  4. Figure out a way to create fire from blubber of dead penguins (probably not likely)
  5. Hang out with baby penguins at night and watch the Aurora
  6. Die (most likely)
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This will be so amazing :

  1. One of the superb location for Photography : Will take cool pictures of icebergs, penguins and seals.
  2. Swimming or rather taking dip in icy cold water.
  3. Skiing freely as long as i want to on the vast ice-land.
  4. There are many research stations over there - will take a trip.
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I would probably put a pair of skis and ski my way to the warmer area :)

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I die...


Possibly try to find the nearest research station. Possibly find shelter. But i doubt one could survive long and if the nearest human habitation is very far away then there is nothing one can do other die a slow death. But if you have ample food supplies and basic navigation knowledge I guess one could survive.

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