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What would you do if you suddenly landed in the year 1940 using time machine in your own country?

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write a paper on blockchain so by the time it's 2019 again, crypto will be adopted already

I would First invest in land and certain stocks, assuming I brought lots of money. If I didn’t have money I would use my advanced knowledge to get a high paying job and the. Use that money to invest.

After investing and making some money I would probably try to get behind some popular politicians, but instead of further my wealth I would try to maneuver them for the best possible outcomes for the world, as far as prosperity, peace, and freedom.

Maybe even get jfk to take a different rout or cause a disturbance so the motorcade stops early.

Also I would love to travel all around the world in from the late 40’s- the early 60’s it was a different time and I think magical as far as international travel went back then!

I would buy tons of stocks and bonds and leave them in a secure location.

One of the major things that we have lost is simple living, and simple eating. This has caused major health problems for us in the western world.

So I would encourage and convince people to only eat food from their community.

That is WW2 period and 2 years before the Japanese invades my country (Philippines). That would be a really bad time and a total waste of time machine technology.

I would buy shares of Warren Buffet's company and some BTC ... Open BTC exchanges like Binanace ..

I think it would be best to do nothing. I know that in the past very bad things happened (for example the World War II). But we can't know what would happen if we change the past. For example, Hitler was probably the most notorious person in the history of the world, but we don't know what would happen if someone goes to the year 1940 and kills him. Maybe that would bring even worse things than the World War II.

I think that the past is best left how it is (or was).