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What YouTube channels are genuinely worth watching?

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There are tons of worth watching Scientific, Educational, Entertainment & Music channels. I will list down few shortlisted ones that I like.

  1. CrashCourse - As name suggest everything properly explained in short videos. Very informative and hooking. Each and every second is full of information.
  2. Ted-Talks and its subsidiaries. - Name is enough.
  3. Explosmentertainment - Best dark and cringey comedy show. These people go to extreme depths with their content.
  4. 5-Minute crafts and its subsidiaries - Ocean of DIY hacks. You will definitely learn a lot of things.
  5. The school of life - Life lessons necessary for well balanced life. Check it out you will be happy after watching it.
  6. Dark5 - Dark unsolved mysteries and secrets. Very intriguing.
  7. All the science channels. - Can't name them all. Just search on youtube.

CGI 3D Animated Short Films! Animated Short Films based on sweet little daily emotions :)

We are always focused on the bigger things of our life and we forget most of the time that it is okay to relax and there are small moments in our life which are equally important.


NASA and cold fusion. Very informative channels. Other than that national geographic and VICE. VICE though hypes things sometimes, but they gave very unique content. Visiting most taboo topics.

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Twit Tv (This week in technology), has several great shows on tech.

Hackster Tv is great for maker IoT projects.

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ASAP science, their content is really good at explaining interesting phenomena in layman’s terms

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Kurzgesagt - simply the best YouTube channel ever made

Filthy Frank

Vevo , technical guruji and Dhruv Rathee