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When do you feel Virtual Reality (VR) apps will become mainstream?

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VR will become mainstream when they solve these main problems that the industry faces: quality of graphics, better utility, cheaper price and some blockbusters that make VR gaming or movie watching worthwhile. They could also weight a little less.

At the moment it is not clear for the average person what does one get when paying 300-1300 USD for a pair of VR glasses. It is a huge risk to take if you haven't had a chance to try it, if you haven't heard of an games or programs worth mentioning and if you don't have any friends that have them or use them. Why would you adopt at this stage? Once there is more utility than adult entertainment and lousy gaming with poor graphics, it could make its way into the hands of more people. Until then they need to focus on making prices lower and raising quality of the experience itself.
The second VR becomes accessible to masses and has another technological breakthrough.

From what I have tried so far, it is still in early phases of development (games are not good, graphics are awful, it is expensive to buy, hard to connect, it often does not even work properly...).

It will eventually be used in gaming and movie industries and these industries will push VR to mainstream. It will be soon and it will be great.
For any product/ service to achieve mainstream it needs a user base. Users need to have basic infra and should be able to use the service easily. The current challenge is both the user base and basic infra. But like in the past, this transition would be exponential as well.
What Oculus needs is the VR equivalent of Fortnite or Halo – games that become a social phenomenon and make people want to buy the hardware they run on.
But aside from that being a once-in-a-decade success story, the bigger question is: do any games developers believe there will be a big enough installed base of Oculus Quest users for them to invest the huge additional development costs to create a virtual reality game?
And that is the chicken-and-egg game that Facebook is caught up in: it can't get users without games, and it can’t get games without users. Zuckerberg identified "building an eco-system that is self-sustaining" – nerd talk for creating a popular console - as Oculus' number one challenge.
Will a wireless high-end VR headset combined with a Star Wars tie-in be enough to push the Oculus into mainstream adoption? Possibly, but based on the odd "Whoa!" ad that the company launched with, we're willing to bet that in October 2019, we'll be listening to Zuckerberg explain why next year - next year - will be the big one. ®
Virtual Reality (VR), most likely be over taken by Augmented reality ( AR ). AR is the type of technology they are using in Apps like Pokeman GO. It's a combination of the reality you see through my camera and part virtual reality.

Bring these two together, on a reasonable price platform like phones, is the answer. I think next, this type technology will be used for training people in their jobs.

Imagine a junior technician trouble shooting a problem on a job. He then takes out his phone and launches an AR app developed by an expert in his field. The app shows a live camera view of the device superimposed on the live view is instructions and description. maybe even links to details instructions about a specific part(if that part of the pictures is clicked.
I think the initial mainstream VR apps would be in gaming and adult entertainment industry and we will start seeing the shift by late 2020.
When user experience starts becoming better. Right now that isn’t there
When the Adult Entertainment Industry perfects their products is when you will see it becoming mainstream. I know that may sound funny, but the amount of energy the Adult industry is willing to put into research and development for products like this is staggering. You will see that their money will drive the research that will enable it to be more readily available.