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When do you see commercial travel to Mars become a reality?

Do you see it happening in our lifetime? Would you want to go for this ride?

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It depends on two factors in my opinion. Price and time, if technology is advanced enough. First of would be pricing, would it be possible for most of us to do commercial travelling to Mars, or would it just be a luxury? If pricing is manageable it comes down to travel time. If it takes two years most of us don't want to go because two years in a container is a risk in itself. That kind of situation can't be reversed at will so it would greatly reduce the willingness of people to do so.

If pricing is right and it takes tolerable amount of time, why not? Will it happen during our lifetime? Well, we should get to Mars during it yeah, but can we do it commercially? Hard to tell.

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I think Elon shoud be on Masmic to answer this :p

I highly doubt that we'll see commercial travel to mars in our lifetime. There hasn't even been a maned trip there yet.

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Since we still have to send a person to Mars I think that commercial travels are not so near, maybe 40 years from now...

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Most definitely not during our lifetime, if it will be a possibility it will not be available for masses.

I would not be interested, Earth is a lot more beautiful than Mars and I have all I need here.

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In near future with Elon musk and co focussing so much on this interplanetary living.

it all depends on Elon Musk

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No time frame as such but It will for sure.

Within next 2 decades or more maybe.

It all depends on by how much the cost can be lowered down.