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Where do you get your news?

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I subscribe to NYT, WSJ, and WaPo online. In print I subscribe to Foreign Affairs, The Economist, and The Atlantic. Mostly centrist in nature, at least compared to Occupy Democrats, Alternet, Infowars, or Breitbart. Staunchly globalist though, if you view globalism and nationalism as the new schism in western politics.
Basically never cable news aside from breaking stories.
It depends on the type of news you want to get. The category of news can be broken down into general, business, economics, finance, sports, etc.

If you are looking for general news, in India you may follow newspapers like Livemint, Hindustan Times or The Hindu. For global news you may follow Washington Post, New York Times.

Over television you may folow Times Now, NDTV, CNBC (India), CNN, BBC (Global).

For financial news you may follow Business Standard, The Economic Times (India), Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal (Global)

  1. Google News
  2. Lallantop YouTube Channel
  3. Medium
  4. BBC
  5. Social Media
It depends on what kind of news. For cryptos its Signal from Blockfolio and also a website called cryptocompare. For general news it's FB and google news.
Mostly from local and national newspapers.

Reddit and CryptoPanic for cryptos
Twitter - Most of the time people tag me to issues that i would to hear which makes me Sad sometimes.
Inshorts!!! Simple and minimal.
It depends on the type of news I'd like to get. I sometimes read the New York Times, The Verge, Wired, The Atlantic, and The Block. I try to minimize the consumption of the news however, as I find that most of it is utterly pointless to know about and I'd rather do something constructive.