7 months ago

Where would you like to be born in your next life? Why?

You saw some travel video on youtube and was mesmerized by the location scenery? Your friend gave awesome reviews of a foreign location he'd been to?...... What's your reason?

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I would like to live my next life in swiss because of the climate and fresh nature and less pollution.

Living in India is Shit sometimes, we have to pay for everything and eventually everything comes down to zero, people are so greedy these days they don't care about Life of others. If you are small in a city like mumbai you life is screwed if you have enough money to spend then its happines to live in Cities.

I am going bit off track of how you have explained your question. But this is what I wish for.

Now a days, waking up, eating, clothing , sleeping everything requires effort. Why? Aren't these were supposed to be just the basic activities for humans? This is so sad that most of our new year resolutions consists of peaceful sleep and less stress.

So I would like to be born at a place where living will be effortless.

Having visited Japan, I would say that I wouldn't mind living in that kind of culture. Everyone is friendly, food is great, and the place is beautiful.

Maritius beacuse of itsNature and Stress free life.

It has to be Iceland. I saw a youtube video by Expedia on Iceland and it was simply mesmerizing.

My India is the best. I would love to reborn here.

Switzerland of course, because it's the best country in the world.

I hope to have a long life :D

Maybe in the future humanity will become an interstellar race: it wouldn’t be bad to live on other planets.

Well, I wish to be born in any of the locations where still there exists a good balance of nature and human activity like bhutan, canada, iceland.