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Hackster is a community dedicated to learning hardware, from beginner to pro. Share your projects and learn from other.
A great variety of general news.

Of course for all things cryptocurrency and Blockchain. (Fintech)

For all you CNBC finance fans, the famous Crammer!

For general Apple, iphone and IOS computer information.

  1. https://medium.com/ [Tech, culture, random stuff]
  2. https://waitbutwhy.com/ [for weird stuff ūüėÜ]
  3. https://m.signalvnoise.com/ [huge fan of this guy and the way it think
  4. https://thesweetsetup.com [ for cool tech/work setups around the world]
At the moment I quite like:
  • MarkManson.net¬†(formerly Postmasculine) - Dating and life advice. Really helped me turn my life around. I'm much more honest with myself and other people (and women)
  • Pie Cubed¬†- A blog about interesting scientific facts and questions such as¬†how deep is the sahara,¬†how much water do you need to put out the sun¬†and¬†why is yawning contagious
Here are some of my favorites:
  • ZenPencils¬†- This guy takes quotes and makes comic from them.
  • MrMoneyMustache¬†- Blog about becoming financially independent and how to keep living expenses down.
  • AffordAnything¬†- Another financial independence blog. The philosophy of this blog can pretty much be summed up as 'Spend money on stuff that matters to you, ruthlessly cut the spending on stuff that doesn't'.
  • Jim Collins Blog¬†- Yet another financial independence blog. He has about 17 posts which as serve as an introduction to investing in the stock market, which is really useful to anyone who wishes to invest their money but doesn't really know what the stock market is or how it works. (Note, Mr. Money Mustache put this stock series in a nice organized list¬†here, but Jim has since added a couple entries).
  • Bad Astronomy¬†- An astronomy blog (who would have thought?); I feel like the writer does a good job explaining things simply to his readers
  • Behind the Bites¬†- This guy creates info graphics from recipes.
  • Colts Authority¬†- All things Indianapolis Colts.
Provides updates to the latest tech news that's mostly accurate and free of fake news