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Which book(s) are you reading currently?

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I am currently reading earth abides, by George R Stewart.

It is a book I was recommended a long time ago, and I’ve wanted to read for many years. A friend I just finished it and gave me his copy so that I can finally read it!

I’ve started it and I’m really enjoying it it’s about a man who is out alone studying nature, when a virus wipes out basically the whole population, now he’s coming back into civilization and is dealing with finding this nightmare situation and is dealing with finding he is alone.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

It is a thriller and I am an absolute fan of Dan Brown. The way he describes each and every character, plot and situation, it feels like a movie is playing in front of you while reading.

DaVinci Code by him was a master piece. Liked it much more that this one though.

Currently reading "The Blockchain Revolution".

Its quite interesting how such a small tech which was already in front of our eyes always, can change the world !

I am currently reading Is God a Mathematician? by Mario Livio. Great book so far, too much of information takes time to comprehend. To summarise this book is like cosmos of Mathematics and philosophy.

The last book I read was Deception Point by Dan Brown. Great book, good suspense and I completed it in a week.

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Cook:30 Cookbook Series 1


For all the healthy cautious eaters out there.

The millionaire next door

The 48 Laws of Power.

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I am currently reading 'NARADA BHAKTI SUTRAS' because

Life cannot move an inch without Love

Life has sprung from Love

Life moves in Love and

Life culminates also in Love

-By Shri Shri Ravi Shankar

P.S- It's a Spiritual book about Aphorisms of Love. A must read for everyone(especially Millennials xD)

The bible because Jesus said to

Thoracoanesthesiology in a nutshell - I do not recommend, boring as hell but it’s a must for me 😀

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