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Which cell phone under $600 would you recommend buying?

What would you buy if you had to make a choice?
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One Plus 6T and Google Pixel 3

Benefits of One Plus 6T

SuperiorBuild Quality
Best RAM management.
Fast performance
Good Display
Front Fingerprint Sensor inbuilt to Display.
Superior camera.

Cons :
No audio Jack
No LED Notification
No color choice for base 6GB RAM variant.

Google Pixel 3

Pros :
Fantastic Camera
Unlimited Storage for Photos
Fast charger
Ultimate RAM management
Frequent Security Updates.
Better Tech Support than Apple.

Cons :
Privacy Policies of Google
Could Include Better Display

NOTE : I don't recommend buying APPLE in India, they have pathetic service. I don't accept the kind of Service they give for 1200$ phone( they make around 50 to 70% profit for every phone).
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UnboxTherapy and other channels on YouTube can give you a good indication. There are a lot of phones in that price range that could be very good. Of course, if you buy a used one, you can get a much better phone as long as it's in good condition.
The Google pixel 2 XL should be around that price range pre-owned. It's 500 new as it stands. That's what I have now, I've had pixel phones for almost two years and I'm incredibly happy with them. I've never seen a phone work this well and be so much smarter and intuitive than anything else available.
I don't know where are you from but I would definitely recommend one of Xiaomi phones. It's a Chinese manufacturer that is quickly climbing up the list of the most popular manufacturers because their phones are really affordable. Their flagship Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is selling under $600 which is quite affordable. Especially if you know that Samsung and Apple flagship prices are above $1.000.
I personally have Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus which is their budget phone. I purchased it for around $250 about a year ago. I'm not a gamer so I don't know if it can run games smoothly but for every day usage it's perfect! If you want a high end phone, I definitely recommend Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro.
Motorola G5S plus. A budget phone which does most of the job well. Has a decent camera and fingerprint sensor. More than enough ram and a good processor. The build quality is very good. Only problem is the camera is big and has a bump. But to this day it has not got scratched unlike other company mobiles. But still for safety use the back cover.
I have been a Fan of MI phones because of their quality and pricing. They have created forum to get customer feedback which is far more important.

Samsung also have done very good tech in their flagship phones.But the worst part is they kill mid range phones by not providing good features or they just lock up features only to higher end phones.
iPhone 6s or 6splus should be refurbished for under $600 now. Great old phone!
a used iphone. I dislike android a lot ;-)