Which character from Friends TV Show was your favorite? Why?

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Joey Tribbiani
Why ? it was just fun
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My answer sould be Ross. He's too self absorbed, too irritating, too focused on his own desires. He is not really care about anybody else. Thats why i like him. Not a fake character, the real one.
I really like Phoebe because she gets mad at Ross for no reason. Also she loves sabotages :) She is the most funny person in Friends.
Even though all of the friends on Friends were great. Joey was literally the best at being a true friend. Spoiler Alert: if you've lived under a rock since the 90's and haven't seen Friends, you're about to fall in love with one of the best characters ever created.
When he broke up with Ursula for Phoebe

Everyone knows that Joey loves women. But when Joey dated Phoebe's twin sister Ursula and had to make a choice between her and Phoebe, Joey ended things with Ursula for his BFF Pheebs.
When he didn't tell anyone about Chandler and Monica

When Mon and Chan were running around and having sex literally everywhere, Joey was the only one that knew. And while he was taking the heat for all of the awkward situations they left behind (Chandler's underwear on the couch, a videotape sex setup) they were just having crazy awesome sex. But Joey just took it because he loves them and is literally THE BEST EVER.
When he was in love with Rachel but wanted to talk to Ross first

Joey was LITERALLY IN LOVE with Rachel and when she finally said that she liked him back he wouldn't act on it until he talked to Ross first (Even though Ross was making out with Charlie, the girl Joey had broken up with maybe 20 minutes ago) <---Ross is literally the worst.
When Chandler kissed Kathy and Joey let them date

When Chandler screwed up royally and kissed Joey's GF Kathy, Joey forgave Chandler and actually allowed him to date her (after Chandler spent the appropriate amount of time in a box)
When Joey thought Monica was cheating on Chandler and flipped

When Joey thought Monica was cheating on his main BFF Chandler, he called Chandler right away and waited outside of Monica's apartment (with a bat). Even though Monica was totally not cheating on Chandler bc they're perffffff.
When Joey took in Rachel and Emma

Joey, a single man in NYC, took in Rachel and her baby girl Emma as roommates when Ross was being a major douche bag and it led to totally adorable moments with him and a baby <333333
When he thought Phoebe was pregnant and proposed to her

When Phoebe pretended to be pregnant to cover for Rachel, Joey PROPOSED TO HER so she wouldn't have to raise the baby alone. Phoebe, obvi, said yes because who wouldn't, he's the best person ever.
And when Joey married Monica and Chandler

Okay, this is just adorable. Joey became and ordained minister online so he could marry his two BFFs Monica and Chandler 
Friends was funny in the '90s, but I have to admit that it didn't make me laugh when I watch it again recently. I found it really silly. I remember that Chandler was my favorite character, but I find it a bit annoying now.

Rachel cause she's hot
Phoebe Buffay
i cant find this type of character in any TV or MOVIE. she is unique. without any romantic connection. she live in her own terms.
I don't watch friends 😂
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phoebe she was just so weird and quirky haha.
While Chandler is sarcastic, entertaining and always ready to make a joke, in reality he uses his constant humor as a defense mechanism to hide his true feelings. And boy, does he have a lot of feelings—which is precisely why you love him so much. Much like Chandler, you have a lot going on in your head. You feel everything around you so deeply that you often don't know how to process everything that's going on, so you turn to humor and other avenues to avoid processing all your emotions. However, your many feelings are precisely what make you such an empathetic and tender person. You're not afraid of bonding with new people, and you know exactly how to make everyone around you feel loved and appreciated. People adore you for how sentimental you are, so try to love yourself for the same reason.