2 years ago

Which cutting edge technology excites you the most in terms of potential impact?

i) Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
ii) Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
iii) Digital Native Assets/Blockchain
iv) 3D Printing
v) Biotechnology

or any other according to you!
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I really can't decide which excites me more - artificial intelligence or blockchain. Artificial intelligence also frightens me because there's no way to tell what robots will be able to do in the future. But that probably comes from too many movies about evil robots :)
Blockchain technology really amazes me. It's so simple, but yet so complicated and secure. True, there are many scams in the crypto world but I wouldn't say that crypto and blockchain technology are the same thing.
The technologies that interest me the most tend to be the ones most closely related to robotics, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism in some way. My predictions over the past 3 years have been roughly true here and there (as long as I keep things conservative and not over-the-top like "in 2018, we will see the first AGI").
So in 2018, I hope to see:
Refinement of wearable augmented reality, aka smartglasses. I'm still a bit unsure about the technology because it's dependent upon gesture and voice control to work, and I feel it'd work best with cyberkinetic control. Speaking of which...
Progress in the field of brain-computer interfaces. As has been said, brain scans + deep learning is what will likely lead to AGI within 10 years. Not necessarily strong AGI— which is to say, human-level artificial general intelligence— but AGI nonetheless. What's more, BCIs (even refined EEG headsets) would allow for things like texting by thinking. Right now, there's interesting things going on in the field, but I hope that we start seeing some really big breakthroughs in 2018. Something like a person being able to type 1 character a second with just their brain and the set-up.
More from Boston Dynamics. The only thing keeping me attached to ASIMO is the design— I greatly prefer its design over Atlas's— but there's no doubt that Boston Dynamics has created something miraculous. Seriously, I don't think people are realizing just how incredible it is that we got a general-purpose bipedal humanoid robot to do a backflip. I didn't think that'd happen until the 2020s at the earliest, and if I hadn't seen it, I'd have said the idea of it happening by 2018 is ludicrous. They were teasing something with SpotMini, too, and I wanna know what it is. Every year in February going back to 2015, we've always gotten something (Spot in 2015, Atlas 2 in 2016, and Handle in 2017), so I can't wait to see what it is.
Other robots. Still awaiting the international release of the budget bot Pepper.
Passenger drones. I can't wait to hear more about passenger drones/flying taxis.
More from DeepMind and Open AI. I really hope something comes of their DNC and progressive neural networks.
Bionic limbs. I feel we have heard much about bionics lately, and I feel there's still a lot of room for improvement in the field. Even the most fluid bionic hand looks robotic in motion. Artificial muscles are starting to get a lot of press, so let's hope for something interesting.
More geoengineering proposals. This is the first year that people seem to be taking geoengineering seriously after I've been calling for discussion for years (and I know I'm not the one who started this wave of discussion). It just sounds baffling to think that we should sit down and helplessly take climate change up the ass like submissive victims without at least trying something. And obviously we're not actually going to do anything anytime soon, but I would like to see more talks, maybe TED Talks, on the pros and cons of geoengineering.
All forms of nanotech... how small can they go??
3D printing, AI and AR has seen very good improvement in the few years but i would say AI ans AR has large impact on life than 3D printing.From Self driving car to professional gaming AI to AI powered GOAL KEEPER is near perfect in completing their task.
Blockchain tech, Internet of things, and AI
Digital Native Assets - it holds the potential to create a truly global collaborative society.