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Which Ethereum dApps have you tried? How's your experience with each of them?

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I am using IDEX and it is the best Ethererum dApps ever made. I trust them.

You can check all list in here: https://www.stateofthedapps.com/
First of all like to introduce what is DApps . DApps are basically decentralized applications which are deployed on a distributed ledger or the blockchain of Ethereum and no single entity has the power to control that app.

DApps is pronounced in the same way that Email is, where the ‘D’ in DApps means decentralized (i.e. D-Apps).
It is difficult to summarize DApps in a 1-2 line definition, as an application needs to have a specific set of characteristics in order to qualify as a DApp.

If an app doesn’t meet all of these criteria, then it is not a DApp:
  • Open Source – Source code of app is available to all.
  • Decentralized – Uses a blockchain-like cryptographic technology.
  • Incentive – App has crypto-tokens/digital assets for fueling itself.
  • Algorithm/Protocol – Generates tokens and has an inbuilt consensus mechanism.

I have tried many but here is list of few best one check out :

Ethereum is one of the best platform to deploy Smart Contracts.

*And here Masmic is one the DApp offered by using Stellar Blockchain Technology Platform.

It looks like an isolated case although we would imagine someone
is feeling a little sick this morning. That aside it’s a case of steady as you go. An ETF application hits the headlines and all of a sudden ETH is up to $123.30 and  Bitcoin (BTC) to $3,630. However, upon closer examination, the NYSE Arca and Bitwise Asset Management application were already announced back in January. However, due to the US government shutdown, it never hit the SEC registry. That changed Friday. Back down comes ETH and BTC to $120.00 and $3,560 respectively. Essentially old news and the excitement is over with quickly. Fast forward to Sunday afternoon and from nowhere ETH jumps as high as $134.40 and BTC to $3,640. Why? No obvious catalyst other than thin weekend markets ahead of a US holiday, but some fresh positive momentum will be welcomed by the bulls. The rest of the weekend headlines are dominated by reactions to JP Morgan’s new JPM coin. Much of the reaction focused on the supposed hypocrisy of their move. Many questioned whether it was anything beyond their own internal stable coin. And of course, there was much debate around the potential impact on Ripple’s payment platform. Expect these discussions to continue for days.
  • it is quite good as i have been using it since more than 1 year now.
  • Easy to access.
  • Good UI.
  • Great traffic.
  • Compact information presentation.
Mostly DEX exchange: EtherDelta and IDEX
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I think Etherdelta is most trustful and biggest ETH Dapp
I played some hyper dragons a bit, and it's a very cool game with cute little characters and stuff.
The only application to generate ethereum that I use is called Free Ethereum Spinner, I have been using it for 10 months and until now everything is excellent, you earn little but the payments are reliable and immediately to your coinbase account in case anything is my referral link https://eth.coinspinner.me/c/5GDPUM.
HyperDragons. I have one but the game is very confusing to play.