Which mobile app would you rate as a perfect 10?

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Mint (My friend uses this).I have tried some but I don't prefer any Apps for Money Management as they turn to send you more Ads ( Sucks😁)

Telegram - Best Free Messaging App.

Nord VPN - Best VPN in the World( Payed).

PUBG - I Play Sometimes, not Addicted to it.

What's App - Because All My friends are available in this Platform. No Special Love and Infact I hate their Privacy Policy.

Someother I Like Waze and Evernote are the Best.

Please Try to use Other Apps they are Better than Google.WAZE is Best Alternative to Google Maps and Brave Browser for Online Privacy.
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I'm sure many of you use Google keep because of its simplicity and UI even I used it till I found its alternative Zoho Notebook. When you read Zoho you probably think it's paid business app but it's not!! It's completely free.
It has simplicity of Google keep and features of evernote premium. It's UI is similar to Google keep but has extra features like Edit history, Organizing notes into a notebook, password protected note/notebook etc.

Here's the signup link to Zoho notebook : https://bit.ly/2WFU1mr

It has Android, IOS, web app.

It's WhatsApp.
  • Great messaging app
  • Clear audio calls
  • Clear video calls
  • Easy to uae
  • Emojis available for all emotions
  • Regular improvements

Splitwise !

It's so simple to use and covers all the use cases.

Camera - Camera app is the only perfect app made till now. It supersedes any other app. It is better than the original cameras. It performs far better than traditional DSLR camera and also has an inbuilt filter. You can edit pictures, use its multiple modes and heck even use it like DSLR using manual option. No other app comes to this level of problem-solving.
Google Maps
Google Maps is a web mapping service for real-time GPS navigation, traffic, transit, and details about millions of people. It offers street maps, satellite imagery, real-time traffic info, short-cut route planning, etc.
The app covers accurate maps of more than 200 countries and territories. With the help of the Google map services, you can navigate an unknown place with ease. It is one of the essential Android apps
Rave App - Video streaming(Netflix/youtube/vimeo) and social chat combined.
The PornHub app