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Which Netflix Documentary would you recommend watching?

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Without a doubt, Icarus , and Making a murderer.
Icarus is almost like a thriller movie, talking about Russian doping. The audacity of Russia in drugging their athletes is incredible, almost like something out of a spy movie. Even if you are not a sports fan, you should watch it.
Making a murderer is a much talked about documentary series that got the whole world talking. It is a series of a very high level of quality, made through many years, and it shows. Just make sure you do not Google anything about it prior to watching it.
  1. Dirty Money - There are 6 episodes, each covering a money related scam (Volkswagon Engines, Pharmaceutical companies)
  2. Explained - Small episodes each covering a topic (not exactly Documentary; but informatory series)
Wild Wild Country is an amazingly well done documentary involving a small town, cults, and terrorism.
Making a murderer for sure. It's like watching an amazing drama film the entire time!
I’m going off the beaten path for this one-

Unacknowledged- it’s a a out the many high ranking military and political peoples, testimony about seeing all sorts of alien craft and extraterrestrials! Very interesting material.

Also -Dirty money, basically about corporate greed.

and -Rotten is a docuserries that should be watched about the food industry and factory farming etc.

There are many more but those are a few to start with.

The Ronnie Coleman documentary. The king of bodybuilding
FIGHTWORLD with Frank Grillo .

It's a documentary about combat sports from all over the world.
There are 5 episodes, starting with Mexican Boxe and moving on to Muay thai , L ethwei of Myanmar, Senegalese Lutte ( best episode) and Israeli Krav Maga ( not so great IMO).

Perhaps you've already seen it since it's a Netflix Original but I highly recommend Icarus.

Dirty money. The series is great!

Also, Stop at Nothing, Icarus, Silicon Cowboys, (Dis)Honesty
“Murder mountain” has just been released and it’s been wild so far.

“Wild wild country” is a top notch doc on a cult that could have done terrible damage if they got bigger.

“evil genius” is pretty good at exploring the pizza driver who had a bomb strapped to his neck.

one that you should avoid though is “the staircase.” Way too long and goes nowhere. Also, the main subject had a relationship with the editor which seems pretty questionable.

not sure how “Fyre” will be but it’s made by the team in charge of Fyre festivals promotion so it seems biased.