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Which new place would you like to visit in 2019 and why?

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I want to visit Japan in 2019. The land of the rising sun seems to offer things which no other country does. Its unique traditions and spiritual inclination which it still holds on to, the colorful anime culture, its iconic natural attractions like Mt Fuji, cherry blossom trees and hot sulphur springs, variation in landscape and culture in different cities, unique food, and its advancement in technology have all made me very fascinated with the country. Plus, I might finally make my mother proud by waking up before she does since the sun reaches Japan first!
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Dead Sea Jordan

Jordan is blessed with beautiful Landscape and dead sea where I can float no matter how bad swimmer I am :D
Being sparsely populated, it is very clean place as well. But the Dead sea is an absolute attraction for me, the feeling of warm and slow moving water,rich is highly essential minerals which soothes you body is all perfect.
Dead Sea Mud bath acts as a highly essential and enriching spa which does not only adds up your beauty but also beneficial for those suffering from asthma.

It always sounds so good that you can easily read or eat floating effortlessly and on the same time nourishing yourself with lots of good minerals ( A perfect Win Win Situation)

Norway. Endless nature, giant pretty mountains, drinkable see-through water, so many rocks to jump on, very few people in sight, 9/10. I would go in the summer though.

Want to experience an Aurora in Iceland/Norway. That will be truly mystical.
United States

I would not go to places like New York or Los Angeles , I would rent a Mustang and drive along the old Route 66 . I really want to see the true face of USA , the poverty, the regular people and the forgotten cities, towns and areas.
I'm always curious to meet the majority of a country's population and you cannot do that in shiny cities and expensive restaurants. A few friends, dirty road with cheap buffets, hot dogs and sleeping God knows where.
Sounds like a lot of fun and I'm sure I will do that soon.
I liked Reykjavik, but it was the landscape of Iceland that I found incredible. The waterfalls, geysers, volcanos etc. One minute I was sat in a cafe in Reykjavik where it was 15 degrees C, then a few hours later I was on a snowmobile bumbling across a glacier in -15 degrees C fog.
Iceland : I would like to do a solo roadtrip and I think that Iceland offers some really beautiful landscapes.
I would like to go Whale watching and scuba diving in Bermuda. I think it's important that people get get to see the
the natural environment up close. This will allow to appreciate and protect our planet.


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Oh, man... Where do I start... :) I LOVE traveling and I wanna visit all the places on Earth :) But if I would choose one place that I would like to visit, that would be Sri Lanka. Last year a colleague of mine visited Sri Lanka and she was delighted with the country. When she showed me the pictures that she took, I decided that I will definitely visit it. When you see those tea fields, riding an elephant and not to forget perfect beaches and sea...

Maybe I'm exaggerating but I know everyone who visit that place will be delighted :)
Japan! I always wanted to experience their culture as well as try some of their michilin star cuisine