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Which other crypto/blockchain product(s) have you explored so far?

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Bitcoin ( I know everyone hate to invest in it for it's Volatility)
Stellar Lumens( XLM ) - With Some real world use and doesn't have to pay crazy Mining fee.

Lynked.World - This is Very Project which is Still is in ICO stage. If you want to invest please Go. They already have a fully Working Product, so you don't have to worry about how they gonna take their project further.

End Chain - End Chain Is a Blockchain for Logistics Platform.

BAT - Basic Attention Token is Rewarding System for Ad viwers, content creators. BAT PROJECT.

BAT was Rated 3.7 by Benchy, for it's use case and other considerations. Even after such a Low rating BAT sold out all tokens in Seconds, because people knew what they are up to.
To this day BAT is held by almost 5million People.

Invest wisely please don't consider Hype around the project, these days Marketing and Shilling is very Strong and consider it's Real World use case.
Cent is my most used Dapp, it’s an amazing earning social media site!
theres a Dapp called Lordless that I have been collecting crypto’s in.
I was in the first tournament of CryptoWars
and the first tournament of Mythereum

I have joined a few telegram groups that talk about it support certain crypto projects too.

Mad far as educating myself and maybe investing a tiny bit of funds, I have looked at
and a few other altcoins and tokens.
Cardano will likely be the most-used platform crypto, BTC will rise simply due to scarcity and XRP and XLM will battle each other for the payments game.
Monero will get owned by regulation. Ethereum will be the AOL of crypto due to its scaling issues. IOTA has the potential to be huge if they can deliver. VeChain will be the most-used crypto by corporations. Just my humble opinion.
IOTA and XRP. Both are revolutionary and represnt a huge change. IOTA is based on tangle which is not exactly blockchain but since we are talking about cryptos I guess I can include it here. XRP is also something which can change the way the money travels. It will make transactions fast and cheap especially if you are transferring between countries.
So far i've looked at XLM, Pedity, Steemit and some others like Cent. Particularly I've been interested in dVPN (decentralized VPN) project called Privatix. They have released a public beta on testnet and should soon move to mainnet. At that point you can sell your internet bandwidth for tokens in the network. I'm also interested in Masmic as you can see, it is an interesting project and answering questions for a reward is simply a lot of fun.

Anyway, these are the products I've been exploring.
Currently Nanoquake is an interesting project, go check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh61UY9Pd2k
You receive 0.1 NANO every 3 kills you make and there are other types of reward!
Augur, MakerDAO, Steemit.
BTC,XRP, Cardano , IOTA, TRON, Oncology is what i have now in pocket.

waiting for the next Stellar or XRP to invest In.

Its like BTC has been my worst investment so far because whatever i gained i lost on BTC.

There are quite an array of product that i have seen

  1. Exchanges like https://www.binance.com/, https://koinex.in/, https://www.koinok.com/
  2. Cryptokitties, https://www.cryptokitties.co/,
  3. One is masmic itself !
  4. Something for the fitness lover https://www.squatforcrypto.com/