Which platform out of Twitter/Reddit/Quora do you like the most? Why?

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Quora and Sometimes Twitter but Definitely not Facebook.

If I'm using Internet most of the time I will be on Quota and Twitter.

Quora is more Flooded with more people than Twitter but it doesn't feel like that because of the nature of Quora.

Quora is the place for Best Advices and information, there are only few who write and they make sense. Like Twitter People Don't Vomit their Opinions on Quora, which is a massive Advantage for Platform.

Facebook is Also Good but it's just waste of Time. Instead of Spending time on Facebook we can real people and Friends and be more happy.
I use all of the above and like all of them. They all have different uses.
  1. Quora - Best to get answers ranging from Rocket Science to Psychology. Want to know anything just search on Quora. Best thing on Quora is the Q&A sessions with experts in various fields.
  2. Reddit - This is the dump of knowledge, memes, information and everything. If you know the threads then Reddit is goldmine.
  3. Twiiter - Twitter is best and first place to get news, trending topics, opinions, jokes, memes, porn etc. You can even complain to authorities via twitter and they respond. You just need to follow right accounts.
  1. Facebook - Facebook is like window to personal world of my friends. I just watch see whats going on with other on facebook. I don't post anything on facebook.
Quora. The layout is good and very organised. The answers are professional and moderated much better. Topics discussed are quite relevant and there is a genuine and clear cut professional discussion. You rarely find anyone hurling abuses in quora. At least not in a direct way. If they do it will be classy.
Quora  is my pick. It's because it just about sharing the knowledge. The Other two platforms can be a bit toxic sometimes. Too much debate can be like a fight sometimes.
That’s a little tuff, I do like Quora and have been using it more than twitter lately. I honesty never got that into Reddit, and I should probably give it more of a chance. I never was big on social media untill I got into crypto currency.
Twitter seems cool for reaching lots of people and smal bits of information or advertising.
Quora seems more personal, and I earn on Quadra so that is another big benefit.
 I liked Quora.. Because we will find peoples opinion on it..

Many times that will helpful for needy people.
I like Facebook
Because most of my friends are using Facebook
At facebook there is no restriction on post words length unlike twitter
I am personally much more tech savvy person along with certified digital marketer, so I will prefer Twitter according to purpose of marketing, to reach to targeted audience.

I love twitter , just because we like to keep things short and sweet like as twitter. Twitter is the best microblogging tool ever can be used to reach to millions in just matter of seconds in just 140 words.
The three are good and have different range of functions. I use twitter and quora alot. For me among the three there is no one best platforms.
I seems to have fallen in love with quora. I have learnt a lot on it.
For me quora is relatively my choice anytime.
Twitter - Because you can connect with celebs / Project Devs / Company CEOS directly .

Reddit also is very useful because of the quality content .

Quora is full of idiots who call themself as experts .