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Which super power would you choose if given a choice: invisibility or flight? Share why.

Inspired by an episode on This American Life, link here: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/178/superpowers
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Invisibility , because off all the naughty reasons ofcourse.

But mainly,
I would probably fly to paris, Find a street performing mime, and beat him to death.... The applause he would get would be astounding.

P.s. I can completely go anywhere, I can live anywhere, without anyone noticing me, and probably even save my house rent (lol)
I can sneak into prohibited places without anyone noticing, I can even travel everywhere, across all countries, without visa or passport or any
of those hassles. I can skip queues, what more do I want ? :P
Very interesting question.

I would choose flight over invisibility. Being invisible would give me a chance to explore the existing world in a new way (which is great), but being able to fly would give me a chance to explore a completely new world (which would be too awesome). šŸ˜
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Haven't seen the episode but can say invisibility with confidence. Being able to fly is pretty cool but once you think about it it doesn't have any practical uses. There wouldn't always be people to be rescued from burning buildings and falling off planes. Also, would flying a lot tire me like running?

Flying -gives fun and Arial views extra powers
Being invisible- donot change you . You will be same but just invisible to others.
because i want to go some of those place where we can't go without permission or unless you were in very high position.
there is so many mystery about some special groups.
Flight, so i dont have to use my car to work. It will save me a lot of money on gas.

We should choose invisibility beacuse by choosing invisibility , flight itself comes to you as of you travel as you can go any where as no one can see you
So you can enjoy both šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€
Will choose invisibility because I will be able to do things without being noticed.
I choose invisibility. Though i like traveling but being invisible, i able to travel in planes and trains etc without tickets:) and visas.