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Who's your favorite sportsperson? Why?

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Lebron James.

With no father, no education, no training, and very few role models, they handed this young, dirt poor kid $420,000 per week, at the age of 18!
He married his high school sweetheart, was never arrested, never used drugs, never humiliated his spouse with side chick stories. No outside babies.
Never in the news with so much as a parking ticket. Excellent father. Heavily involved with his kid's activities. Greatest player on the PLANET in the game today!
15 years later. Same dude. Same maturity. Same chick. Same family. Reputation intact. Now earning close to $2 million per week. Has sent 1100+ kids to college fully paid for.

He was able to recover from the loss of both legs and start a new career as a Paralympic athlete. An example for everyone...
For me, I will have to say Jamie Vardy , especially because I am a Leicester fan. This man is a football (soccer) player and his pace terrifies defenders. He runs in behind defenders and takes a lot of his chances. He is a great finisher and his abilities made me watch football more.

Virat Kohli who is currently the Indian Cricket Team Captain for all the formats. Well, if I start writing all the reasons, it could take a book but I will mention some of the major ones -
1. Nation comes first. Anything and everything for the team. I have never seen him playing for himself at any situation of the game and the way he celebrates other teammates success is a treat to watch.
2. Consistency. His batting average eclipses anyone of his peers whether it is for test, ODI, or T20.
3. Technique. He never plays any risky shots even if the asking rate is higher. He can hit you fours and sixes at his will without resorting to any ugly looking shots.
4. Successful chasing. He can be attributed to the one who changed the face of Indian side which before was always under pressure when chasing big scores.
5. Fitness. Never stayed out of match due to injury and arguably is the fittest member of the team.

Tennis - Roger Fedrer
Cricket - Sachin Tendulkar and Sehwag
Football - Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modric
Kabbadi - Ajay Thakur
Billiards - Efren Reyes
Formula 1 Racing - Lewis Hamilton
Moto GP - Rossi