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Who will win the 2019 general elections in India and why?

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BJP because they don't have strong opponent, Priyanka Vadra is like Item Girl of Indian Politics(Some Editor Said It), Voter base may Change to Priyanka's Favor only if Modi makes Mistakes.

If BJP miss Majority even by Small Margin, All the Theifs will Collab to Make a Govt to Make RG their PM.
Ex : State Govt of Karnataka.

BJP missed majority by Small Margin of 8 seats. Within Official Results being Announced Congress Went to JD(S) and Said they will Support them. It's like 2 Theifs Getting Together to Keep Good Man Away from Power( Because Yeddy would have crushed Sidduramiah within Days after Getting Power).

I'm not a Fan Of both BJP and Congress but I will Vote for BJP because I have no other Choiceūüė™.
It's Narendra Modi all the way!

Do not let the latest elections deviate your thought towards doubting on this case, as it's clearly BJP and Modi at the centre!

Priyanka Gandhi may have forayed into politics, but she isn't absolutely a fresh new face. The Congress know somewhere deep inside that it's not going to work that way, and have thus tried to play on the pulse of impressions of people, for which the introduction of a new face to a group is always a very common gimmick! But, they fail to realize that people are way smarter and more evolved than what they can be(at least owing to their absence at the centre for four years)! They know the tricks of the game, and only see it as a desperate move by Congress to try pulling a rabbit out of the hat.

And if the foundation of thought for this question is the results of the recent state elections, BJP have lost in certain areas owing just to region-specific grievances with their local leaders, and their collective need for change at the control of the state due to years of inaction and no authority taken by the previous leaders that belonged to BJP.

But at the centre,with Rahul Gandhi at the helm of affairs leading the Congress versus Mr. Modi leading BJP, it's a definite no-brainer as to who would spearhead their central cabinet to run and develop the country, better.

Failures are a part and parcel for anybody who tries. The Congress have failed disgracefully even without trying, with the number of failures troubling the country on the higher percentage as compared to their success(which is shy of being better than zilch)! But the Modi Government have worked tirelessly and relentlessly for the nation and have brought about better changes for the country within a span of four years compared to what Congress didn't achieve ever since their past decade and more. Be it Economy, world-relations and brand of India globally, attempts to connect with the people, done efficiently through use of technology,infrastructure, social and cultural balance(which I might be disagreed with) and many other areas, the country has seen true and real development ever since the post-2004 period.
While they have certainly failed, it was upon trying for betterment.

The man himself works hard and diligently, using the day to its optimum, and is surrounded by able and promising candidates that deliver, be it Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Manohar Parrikar ,Suresh Prabhu etc.

Risks and unconventional moves such as the demonetization didn't work as well as they should've worked, whereas the idea of surgical strike instilled confidence in the public of the country and a sense of threat in the minds of Pakistan that India is an evolving force to reckon with, in terms of dealing terrorism.

There are various aspects which can be covered and it can go on and on, but the answer is BJP, not just because of the strength and merit of the party in what they have been delivering for the country, but also due to lack of any competition from a lackluster Congress which has no credible leaders and work, along with proving to be a hall-mark of corruption.

BJP as people always prefer a stable government at the centre. Coalition governments seen in fifteen years prior to present government faced policy paralysis at some key decisions.
NEW DELHI: Narendra Modi-led  BJP  may retain power in the  2019  elections, but the magical majority mark may remain elusive for the saffron party. ... Brokerage CLSA has projected a loss of 10-80 seats for the  BJP  in the  2019  elections. It had won  282 in 2014
I've not been following the news closely, but in my opinion, as there's no strong opposition, BJP might come back to power. Even if opposition parties combine together to consolidate their votes, it would be very unstable because of differing interests.
Four years ago, current Prime Minister Narendra Modi Indian national Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) won a record victory, with the highest rate in three decades. The Congress Party, each of India's leaders almost throughout the post-independence history, controlled the lowest number of seats ever in Congress. In early 2018, Mr. Modi is expected to repeat this feat in the 2019 elections. But recent results from important state elections show that "tides" may be turning. : BJP lost to the National Party in 3 big states, surprising many political observers. Modi's supporters say the Prime Minister is still the country's most famous leader, and the results of state elections do not affect the upcoming national general election. But for rivals, the state election results were a necessary shot: for the first time in years, they felt the opportunity to hit a Modi, long regarded as a lover. Most liked in 2019.
I am from South and I don't see anything current government did to us. BJP is not welcome here because of many reasons. I supported mr Modi in central in last elections but I feel my vote got wasted. I wish for BJP and Congress mukt Bharat
It will be hung parliament no one will get the majority.
Donald Trump... because by then he will be the Global Leader... haha

BJP will get a major boost if they go on a strike against Pakistan due to recent attacks in Kashmir coz its now the demand of the majority of population of our country to go for strikes