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Whom you would like to see running for US president and Why?

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Bill Gates. I think his work with the Gates Foundation proved that he is truly a great man willing to work for the good of humanity and the future of our civilization.

It's never going to happen though, and it's probably for the best, being the POTUS is nasty business, and he can probably utilize his resources better elsewhere.

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Ellen Degeneres.

As we already know you don't need any experience and knowledge in running the country one of the best examples is the current US president. So why not Ellen Degeneres? She is popular, gives free gifts, liked and adored by everyone in the country.

Reasons I want Ellen to be president

  1. First Female President for the United States.
  2. First President from LGBTQ community.
  3. More sensible than the current President.

If not Ellen then Oprah Winfrey is also a great choice. First black lady president.

Elon Musk- always think humanity first, will shape whole world on sustainable path

I have no idea. If the Democrats don't get their act together it will be Trump again. I don't think Bernie is a good idea this time. I'm sick of seeing stuff about Oprah. It's not going to be Oprah. That will definitely drive a lot of fence sitters to a third party or back to Trump.

This is a list of potentials. I think Elizabeth Warren has too many people that do t like her. Joe Biden won't win it either. As a Virginian I like McCauliff. I also like our current Governor and Mark Warner. I like Tim Kaine but I don't know if he's a president. He's cool though. It needs to be someone that hasn't been in the limelight like Warren, Biden, or Sanders. I think they should pick a Southern Democrat. They can make people cross the isles more. My dad was a Republican until Clinton. That was the first Democrat he voted for possibly ever.

All the best America

Satoshi Nakamoto

The idea of McAfee running for president is quite interesting. This is the type of candidate who does not stand a chance but brings a feeling of freshness, difference and allows to look more realistically on some things.

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They say anyone not named Donald Trump is an upgrade at this point.

Some who cares about people, all people!

Hillary Clinton so that Trump is a shoe-in next election.