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Why do you like to travel to new places?

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Traveling to new places expand your mind and senses by allowing you to see the same things executed differently. You see people speaking in different languages, wearing different clothes, different public habits, different perception of behavior etc.
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I love to learn about different culture, different race, different scenery, different language, different food but in the end realizing how very much similar we are.
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To escape from the daily routine.

I don't think I travel for serenity or mountains or beaches. It's the new routine and journey which motivates me to travel.

Exploring new places also matters, it gives you new perspective about life and living things.
I Love to travel to new places because it’s the best way to learn about the world.

I think traveling teaches us about ourselves and let’s us see things, eat things, and talk to people we would never otherwise experience.
This makes life richer, the best thing that happened to me was getting the travel bug when I was young!
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We always travel at some point in our lives for various reasons. It might be for fun or work or just to visit or family or any other reason. Being a travel agency we have came across number of people who makes us to think that “Do we really need any reason to travel?” . Because you know travelling is a part of our life and the knowledge and experience you get defines who you are and your purpose. But still if you really need a reason here are some which can inspire you to travel.
Travel broadens your outlook towards life- Travelling broadens your perspective, opens your mind towards things. By meeting new individuals, attempting new cuisines, encountering new societies and seeing new sights, travel gives you experience and new perspectives.
Good for your health- Studies have shown that people who travel are generally more happy and with reduced stress level, decreasing the chances of heart decease.
Increased Creativity- Travelling helps us achieve and create what we want to, and reach a place of creative confidence.
Listening to yourself - People who listen to their gut instinct always get what they want. Travelling makes you do that.
Help see bigger picture- When you talk to the people around the world, you realize the views they have are not always the same as yours. You start to get a bigger picture of the world.
know yourself better- You get the needed space and time to let the mind work. Through travelling, you get to know more about yourself.
Strengthening relationships - A journey is best measured in friends rather than in miles. Travel helps you straighten your relationships.
Adventure - One of the top reasons why people travel is to explore different parts of the world in search of an adventure.
Many things have to consider while answering this question about Travel .

  • Where are going to travel ?
  • How you are going to travel ?
  • And When you are going to travel ?

In detail if we see " where " is the most important thing because every destination have specific history and identity. Second thing " how ", is also very important. As today there are many tools are available. And last one " when " this also matters because some get different experiences according to all above mentioned questions.

Apart from this every location have some waves which gives more energy along with travelling experience.

A new place tells you that theres more to life,and much more to discover.
I like to learn something new from everything, that's why i love traveling ..
It increases my knowledge and enriches my life experiences.
Travel provides an opportunity to learn about other peoples and cultures.