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Why do you love reading?

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I prefer reading "Articles and research papers". In any field, either it is technology or things they are changing rapidly to keep pace with the changing world we have to be updated. And it is not possible for all age groups to read things from scratch. So articles and research papers provide required information in comprehensive way.
For pleasures.
To stimulate the mind and ignite ones imagination .
To relieve stress.
To acquire knowledge.
To prevent boredom.
To challenge ones ability for growth.
To acquire experience.

Reading is a good time killer plus it nurtures my knowledge. A double edge sword of good benefits.
The Answer lies in these Questions ...

Q. Can you experience everything that you ever want to learn?
Q. Would one have the Time and Resources to go through so many things in life!??!?
Q. Can you really reinvent the Combustion Engine!!!??

That's why i Love reading.. it enables me to gather knowledge without going through the arduous tasks that the writers may have gone through.. i can simply apply the knowledge without all the trial and errors!!!

Reading takes me to a completely different world which i may never have imagined on my own... it sparks more creativity in me and enables me to add more dimensions to my outlook on things.

Reading is like travelling via someone else's mind.. it makes one aware of how another person can perceive the same thing or issue that we may not even understand until we go through it... strange but true!!!

Reading is living life a bit more than what someone would be living without reading... anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger.. and in this case wiser too!!! :)

Because after every story, book , novel, blog or even a article ..my perspective changes ... It becomes more open to the world.
I love reading because it allows me to take my mind to a whole new world and dimension. It helps develop my creativity and also gets me to think in a whole different perspective.
Reading stimulates the mind in a way that TV and movies will never be able to do and It ignites my imagination in very positive way.
I love reading for knowledge not for entertainment.
Reading is an excellent relaxation, source of training and brain drain training
Books are the closest thing muggles have to magic. It's like exercise, but for the mind. I believe that the reading is the one of the best way to avoid life. You would never get any harm you only gain vision and imagination when you read.