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Why is traveling so important in life?

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Experience completely new cuisines and tastes with traveling.
One of the best things about discovering new destinations and cultures is the food! It might be creamy coconut curries and fried insects in Thailand, foul-smelling fermented shark in Iceland or roasted guinea pig in Peru, but the opportunity to sample traditional delicacies from other corners of the globe will introduce you to unique flavors and customs. Cooking classes are a great way to learn a few techniques and better understand the ingredients used, allowing you to recreate recipes for friends and family back home.
seeing is believing... there may be so many things we read about various places and some may sound so far fetched that one may dismiss them as a rumor.. the only sure way to find out is to travel and visit that place... a book would never be able to give us the feel and detail and also the variety of feelings that crop and pop up when we are travelling.

we get to see so many new things and get to meet interesting and sometimes even awesome people.. all our senses are totally indulged while travelling..!!!

a change in environment may give us an absolutely new perspective about something or maybe simply wash away all the rust that the daily rut has caused in our minds.. depending on the place you visit and the quality of your travel...!!!

travel opens up your mind to a whole load of varied lifestyles of so many different yet so similar people.. travelling is learning in one of it's truest forms...!!!
Why ?

1. Because the more you travel the more you discover about the world and realise how big the real world is. It makes your perspective better

2. It takes you closer to the most inner self.

3. It's refreshing

4. New people, New excitement.

Everyone has their very own  reasons to travel . Some people travel for work, some travel for pleasure while for others it is just a way of life. They travel to live and to escape at the same time. 

 Whatever might be the reason to travel, here are few ways in which travelling would definitely change you and I think that is why travelling becomes so important in life: 

Enjoy being alone
 There is something therapeutic about being alone and being at peace with it. While you soak in a new culture, you also connect with your own inner self. 
Learn to adapt
 It is a different world out there, literally. Be it the pace of life, the language or simply the change in weather, it is always a change and you have to adapt to it. This is what makes travelling truly beautiful as you break away from the routine and adapt to something totally new. 

Experience a new culture  
 Every place comes with its distinct cultural habits, you can not think about New York without talking about its fast paced life and about Italy without enjoying its relaxed lifestyle. Similarly, while visiting the UK you might have to be a bit formal in your interactions with the locals, on the other hand, while greeting the people in Thailand,one can be really warm and casual. 
Broaden your taste buds
 Travelling without experiencing the local food is just not complete. It is not only a culinary experience but a cultural one as well. 

Carry sovenirs
 Of course one carries back plenty of memories but these are the more materialistic ones. Buying a miniature of Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal, a Venetian mask or the famous petha from Agra is a must not only for yourself but also for your loved ones. It is rightly said when you travel to a place, you carry a part of it back with yourself. 

Get out of your Comfort Zone
 From simple experiences like the weather, way of life or food to the more adventurous ones like trying a new sport, travelling really pushes ones boundaries to the core. You might end up participating in a street carnival in Brazil just like the locals or trying the local delicacies (read insects) in Thailand. 

Indulge in Photography
 It does not matter whether you are a professional or not. It is also irrelevant whether you have a DSLR or a very basic camera, while travelling what matters is the love and quest for seeing beautiful places and the sheer joy of capturing them in your lense. Travelling would in return give you your very own collection of amazing postcards of beautiful sunsets, snow laced mountains or sunny beaches. 

Learn To Escape
 Travelling is the best way to break the routine. If you are in a bustling city, go ahead and experience the country life. If you are in a rural place, travel to a bustling city and experience its madness. Stressed with the city life or work pressure? A spa break in Himalayas or Kerala is a must try. 

Appericiate Nature

 The quest to explore more when one is travelling always leads to a sense of amazement about nature. While most of us keep a track of technological advancements, Nature has its own ways of outshining all of these. The Antelope Canyon in Arizona or Turquoise Ice in Russia are the finest examples of this. For more, check out the most unbelievable places around the world. 

  Get Closer to your own roots!
 While one travels and experiences a lot of different cultures and practices, it definitely brings one closer to his or her own roots. Travel helps one appreciate one’s identity and culture.

 Travelling is all about experiences. They can happen in terms of culture, people, places but most importantly with ones own self and this was all about the different ways in which travelling can change you.

You can make friends from across the globe
Travelling: Here are tonns of reasons to travel.

  1. Stimulates the creativity quotient for artistes
  2. Means the core of life for crazy dreamers
  3. Motivates philosophers to relish beauty at its best
  4. Helps find the passion of life for de-motivated people
  5. Augments horizons of life
  6. Unleashes ideas for visionary writers
  7. Helps enjoy melody for music lovers
  8. Encourages to explore different tastes for foodies
  9. Allows better comprehend the global market space for aspiring entrepreneurs
  10. Provides the platform for widespread exposure for overall development and improvement
  11. How else could travelling impact the people and their approach to lifestyle?
  12. There have been pressurized times for all of us when we need a change almost unavoidably. At such troubling times, travelling could become a great way to cool us down and bring us back to our normal temperament. Travelling could be really stimulating to strengthen our souls.
  13. Travelling is believed to turbo-boost our confidence levels. When we travel we meet new people in unknown scenarios which could be testing at times. When we face such challenges, we evolve into a much better self-confident person, able enough to resolve hurdles independently.
  14. Travelling helps value family. When we are away from our family for a while, we tend to realize their importance and begin to appreciate their presence.
  15. We meet new people and are exposed to different cultures. This way our adaptation capabilities increases, and we begin to grow as a person.
  16. Travelling helps us accept changes and look for alternatives rather than clinging on to rigid lifestyles. It helps us change our stubborn attitude altogether with a matured outlook towards life.
  17. It gives us a chance to broaden our otherwise restricted perspective. When we go to new places we tend to learn new things which could include even the most simplest of things like the food, the way they dress, the way they live life. We explore a newer approach to life and get an opportunity to improve our knowledge skills.
  18. At times we may happen to involve into thoughtful conversations with people we meet at places. Their dimension towards life, decision making skills and attitude will definitely have a positive impact on how we react to situations. We may try to incorporate the same approach towards our life which would in turn enhance our quality of life in a huge way.
You’ll discover the world’s incredible cultural diversity with travelling.
Travelling is so important because is a great to learn. Travelling is a form of education that exposes one to reality in a practical terms.
People that travel wide are seen to be learned, temperate and knowledgeable.
This is because the more you see the more you learn. Through travelling you get to see other places, its people, its environment, its culture, its nature and all the living things that resides there. Each new place has something new to offer. It is true that now you can find most of the information in books and internet but you cannot beat firsthand experience. By being in the actual place all your five senses goes into action where your can feel, smell and taste everything or anything new. That you can't find in any books or websites my friend. By mixing with the locals you get to learn about their culture, their way of life, the food they eat, the water they drink, their technology which they use going about with their daily lives. All these you can take with you to share and ultimately enrich your own people. 😊
It removes Rationalism and promotes Globalization.