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With the rise of automation and thus change in the job market, what are some underrated skills that may turn out to be extremely valuable in the future?

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Jobs AI can’t do better than humans:

Empathy and communication
Critical thinking
Technological management, installation, and upkeep
Physical skills
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Creativity is the most important think i believe. The machines could calculate but they can't create some idea. As new technologies continue to develop, creative minds are required to help best apply and implement for consumers, making it a great skill to develop for selling products and services of the future.

Past, Present or Future.. these guys may not be tensed!!! ;op

  1. Electrician
  2. Carpenter
  3. Mechanics - be it cars, two wheelers or ships and aircrafts
  4. Landscaping people
  5. Plumber
  6. Construction Workers
  7. Aide for Old people, Mentally ill people
  8. Baby Sitters

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10. Cognitive flexibility
This involves creativity, logical reasoning, and problem sensitivity. It also means being able to adapt how you communicate based on who you're talking to. Employers want to know you don't just say the same thing to everyone -- that you think critically about who you're talking to, deeply listen, and tailor communication to that person.
9. Negotiation skills
This will be in especially high demand in computer and math jobs, such as data analysis and software development. It will also be critical in the arts and design (including commercial and industrial designers).
8. Service orientation
This was defined as actively seeking ways to help others. How much do you assist those on your team, your superiors, and people across your industry? How much are you known for that?
7. Judgment and decision-making
As organizations collect more and more data, there will be an even greater need for workers who can analyze it and use it to make intelligent decisions. Good judgment also involves knowing how to get buy-in from a colleague, or making a strong suggestion to a manager (even if it might not make you popular).
6. Emotional intelligence
Robots can do a lot, but they still can't read people the way other humans can (at least not yet). Employers will place a strong emphasis on hiring those who are aware of others' reactions, as well as their own impact on others.

5. Coordinating with others
Again, this falls under the social skills umbrella (sensing a trend?). It involves being able to collaborate, adjust in relation to others, and be sensitive to the needs of others.
4. People management
In the report, this included being able to motivate people, develop the talents and skills of employees, and pick the best people for a job. This will be especially in demand for managers in the media and energy industries.
3. Creativity
In 2015, creativity ranked 10th on the list. It's now one of the top three skills employers will seek. Why? Because as we're bombarded by new technologies, employers want creative people who can apply that tech to new products and services.
2. Critical thinking
As automation increases, the need for humans who can employ logic and reasoning increases. This is, in part, because machines must be directed ethically and optimally. Employers want people with critical minds who can evaluate the uses or abuses of the power of technology, and use them to benefit the company, the people in it, and the future.
1. Complex problem-solving
Technology can make life easier, but it can also make things more complicated. For example, you could use wearables to help map the walking patterns of nurses and doctors in a hospital to see how to make things more efficient. But without a human being analyzing those results while also having intelligent conversations with nurses, doctors, and patients, you will likely end up with a wrong or even dangerous result.

Never mind the robots future jobs demand human skills!
craftsmanship .. need to be meticulous
Artistry. This is something no robots can even come close to humans.
People become more dependent on bots
Basic electrical and plumbing work will become valuable

Social Media Influencer - Nobody wants to see a robot do that
Robot repair man