6 months ago

Would you consider donating your body organs post your death?

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Absolutely. When we advocate recycling papers and plastics then why not the human organs. During our course of life, we consume so many of natural resources and by that logic, our every body organ is precious and should not be wasted upon death. Putting it to use for someone not only saves someone's life but also is good for the environment.

But, before taking this decision someone must also consult their closed ones and let them know why this is important and when the time comes, they support the organ collection team.

Yes, for sure. I am already an Organ Donor. I took a pledge in my 3rd year of college. It's an amazing thing to do for the society.

You should also try to do the same.

Yes, sure. I already signed the papers, so it's just a matter of time. A lot of time, hopefully :D

I also donate blood every 3 months, it is actually such a good feeling. I recommend it to everybody.

It sure is something that I should do. I have thought about it a lot over the years and the idea behind it is an important one. If I can help other people after dying it would be a good thing to happen. Like somebody else said I'm slightly worried that it might result in less effort of taking care of me if I have signed the donation papers. But, the main reason I haven't done it yet is that I have a great fear of death and thus I haven't yet been able to get the picture out of my head that my organs would be split up and given to others. As I'm still alive it feels like a scary thought.

Sometimes even when you know something is right and rational to do, still our emotions can affect the decision. It is also a decision that comes to mind from time to time but not really every day in our lives. So, it is kind of easy to forget until it's too late. I guess we people are so optimistic of our survival that you don't get to think these things so much, only after it gets too serious.

Yes, but please donate my brain and my penis to 1 person. Who knows, it might work.

Definitely yes! I think that most people are willing to donate their organs after death, but are lazy to go trough the procedure. If there was a way to give your consent online, a lot of people would do it. This way they are just lazy to go trough with the paperwork.

My only worry is that if I get into an accident, doctors wouldn’t try as hard

If course. A few people have said they worry doctors won't try as hard to save them if they are a donor. I suspect some doctors would actually appreciate the person for choosing to be a donor.

Personally I'm signed up to be a donor for medicine or research purposes.

Also, I have corpse donated tissue in my body. My ACL was donated by someone else, so clearly I owe the same to the future

No they’re mine

Definitely. If it helps those coming after me to live a healthier life, why not?