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Would you like an Earning(s) Leaderboard on Masmic?

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I think to add elements of gamification is good. But I think this site is more about the knowledge and advice. I was hoping to have a different experience here.

A leaderboard becomes more about the "I" and not the "We".

However it would be good to highlight the better answers to a question. A lot of good answers we be overlook if we focus on the top 10% of the users. I'm hoping that the Egos pushed to the back, and the wisdom and knowledge is pushed forward.

I can recognize good information, even if I don't know the author.
Not a Good Idea . I don't think this is good idea. Let this platform be knowledge sharing and earning platform rather than competitive earning platform. The former is healthy and will get genuine & personalised answers while the latter is toxic and will cause answers to be more mechanical, ideal and non opinionated.
Although we can experiment at current stage. But this product testing will not generate viable results due to less user base currently.
I firmly suggest to rethink this idea.
It could potentially draw in more users if they would come to the site and see that xy user has already made a decent amount of XLM by answering questions.
I would probably prefer to have it anonymized though in some way, because this site should be more about interactions between questions and answers, not which particular user can game the system better.
Yes .. I would love to see such dashboard on Masmic . This would certainly attract more users to masmic .
I would propose following points to be included in dashboard.
  • Earning leadership. Top 10 and other can see his/her rating in his profile page
  • Total answers given by user for top 10.
  • Total votings done by user for top 10.
  • Users age on Masmic.

That's good idea but it will spoil the people and can become mess for just earnings
Sounds good. It can encourage people to work more because their efforts will be recognized aside from the earnings.
we could try it and maybe delete it if we will see it's not a good thing. I'm not against it.
No, doesn't feel right. Intent is going to change if done so.
No, that will make Masonic all about money.
Yes, It will be good to see other's earnings. New users will be motivated from it