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Would you rather have a 'third eye' πŸ‘€ or a 'third arm' πŸ’ͺ?

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Third eye as spotting necessity, risk or opportunity is more important than action. Third arm is one of the many ways you can react to the event if you spot one
I Would Prefer 3rd eye Not 3rd arm because:

  • It would be Really bad to Pump 3 Arms in Gym

  • With the 3rd arm two of my other arms would feel uncomfortable

  • With the 3rd arm I cannot be called Your arms

So Yeah having 3rd arm suck!!

For the 3rd eye:

  • Focus more on ____
The answer is Pubg

  • With 3rd eye I don't need to put My glasses At the back
  • With the 3rd eye I can be Bhole naath

Alright so this was my Preference...
Please vote it Only costs a few seconds for my answer:)
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i would like to prefer third arm because i want to look like alien like in ben 10 🀣🀣
I would prefer to have third eye but not not on front side of my face as two are enough to watch everything and happenings, I need this third eye on the back side of my head. so that I can have 360Β° view of the interesting and amazing world.
third arm, because two arm for my hard work activity and 1 for my love
3rd eye so I can manifest the life I desire.
Well would my third eye have special powers of deduction, telepathy, lasers, or anything like that?

the third eye sounds cool but if it’s just another eye we’ll the arm could be more usefull.

Unless it’s in the back of your head!
Third eye so that i can identity bugs in my code easily 😁
i would love to donate the third eye to the person who has one eye only.
I would definitely want a third eye to be able to watch my back. I wouldn't want a third arm as it would make me look strange and stupid πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚