a year ago

Would you recommend Masmic to a friend?

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I already have, to many of them :)

Masmic is innovative, has a forward-thinking idea and will reward good members financially for their activity and contribution. It is a win-win for everybody involved and the community will be better because of it.

Just by trying to earn some money, we will browse through multiple topics and be able to learn a lot, even if we will not be able to earn money with every reply.

I think the idea behind Masmic is great and really like the way it is looking currently.
I have Always got a Positive Feedback from everyone when I asked about Masmic.
Masmic is Different Creative Approach for Solving many problems faced by so called Biggies Today. If team Masmic is Money Minded then platform would have evolved Differently, but the team trying to keep platform transparent and Anonymous, so that there would not partiality.

This Plaform will be a great Source of passive income for Good Advisers and Article writers. I Belive team is striving very hard to keep Reward mechanism working better only for Best Advisors.

Happy to Be part Masmic Beta Testing and Curious about how Platform evolves.

Yes, definitely!
Not only you can help people by answering their questions, you can also earn XLM. There was another project where users could earn custom token but it is much better to earn crypto that can be immediately traded. Masmic needs additional improvements and marketing, but I like the idea in general.
Yep 100%,

He'll earn stellars every 24 hours for spreading knowledge, it would be easy to explain!
Absolutely, there are several users on the platform that came becuase of me. I like that the platform pays out in XLM, one of my favorite cryptocurrencies. Hope that more good questions get asked. :)
Yes in fact I already have and I have invited at least 1 friend, I’m waiting to hear from a few more people before I invite them too!
great platform, a little sticky here and there but it’s an awesome beta!!!!
I have tried referring several of them already!
Yes, It could be really good learning platform to share. I'm thinking of a system that could grow to rival Khan academy if non traditional students and creator/teacher/leaders could be expose to it.

Yes. Off course.

Masmic offers a great platform to share knowledge and get rewards for contribution. Its like win -win condition for everyone. Also I am much more fascinated with Stellar Lumens as a digital currency.
I already invite masmic to a friend, hope to win soon and earn more.