6 months ago

Would you take a vacation away from all technology? For how long?

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Well, how much are you willing to pay for that experiment?

Jokes aside, I think technology has overtaken our entire lifes. It is very hard to imagine being without it until it fails on you and you notice how dependent you were of it. Just like when internet has a connection problem. You sit around for two minutes in this boringness until you think about searching for an answer to a question in your mind off Google. Then you'll realize, dang, there is no connection and my brain just tried to fill up a dull moment by giving in to technology, our go-to thing when it comes to boring moments.

Still, I'm glad that I get to spend time in our family cottage, where technology has only a minor role. There you can have days without proper use of technology. So, I also still know how to manage without. Somehow. This is why I think a week would do if I had something meaningful to do and if it was a bet, even more. I guess it comes down to incentives and things you would do to replace technology for that given timeframe.

I would stay away from technology for 2-5 days, depending on where I am. If there are places for entertainment, such as a park or amusement park, I would definitely go.

Probably a week max. But it's sad because I'd only love technology more after I get it back.

I frequently take breaks from technology. Usually my breaks are about 12 hours in length. I find it clears the mind. I also use a day planner in which I write down physically my thoughts, goals and ideas on a daily basis. I think getting offline from time to time increases my effectiveness!

Well, I try to do something similar to it every once in a while. It is not the 'whole experience', but I take only a basic cell-phone (these old ones) without internet browsers (only for emergency calls) and go sailing, hitchhiking, bicycle riding or just exploring somewhere in the nature, far from other people and from technology. It is really fun and recharges the batteries, technology makes things really convenient which isn't the best thing, honestly.

But check this one out now..

I often dream about technology that would give us the opportunity to re-live our lives in another time periods and/or events. Something like Westworld - if you have seen that show. I would really be interested to see what kind of society we would make and what kind of choices I would make in case of a post-apocalyptic event or a similar case.

It would be really tragic if an event like that occurred, because there would be chaos everywhere. But, with technology, maybe we can test it and re-live it in a safe environment, which I think would be awesome.

So, basically, as funny as it sounds, I would like the case in which we could use technology that enables us to 'live' in moments without it the most. However bizarre that is.


For how long? That depends on where I am, what am I doing during the vacation and if I have some interesting people around. Having said that, 7-10 days should be manageable.

Yes. I would love to take a vacation from all Technology and stay off-grid for as long as my health and work permits me. I think practically, I can stay off-grid and Off-tech for at least a week, plus-minus 1 day. The natural way of things is tech oriented. But I would love to give it a shot!!

I probably would try it for a couple weeks and see how it goes. The first few days would probably be quite difficult, but that would decrease over time as I would get more in harmony with a simple life, for which the human body is really built for.  

A vacation is supposed to be shy of technology, since its main purpose is to get away from your everyday life.

However, many of us work as well while on vacation and here appears the problem. We always try to keep ourselves less connected when in vacation as much as we can, we even take some days off when we disconeect totally.

I think two week vacations, away from technology and city life should be required. Even the most technical jobs like software engineering, should require this. Some of the most technically creative ideas come when you stop working. It's a process of ebb and flow. Think of your work and relax time and a cycle, like high and low tides. Too much of either is not go.