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You are given an opportunity to send a message to 10 years younger self. How do you convince yourself that it's you and what do you say?

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How i will convince myself thats its me ?

I will show my birthmark to my younger self.

What would i say to him ?

1. You have every right to be happy.
2. Nothing comes free. Work hard and achieve everything you desire.
3. People will say mean things. Just ignore them.
4. Be kind and help others in their suffering.
5. Learn python.

10 years is considerably long duration, but still I would like to say that " Time is the most precious thing, that never can be recovered once spend. So spend it wisely.
I would say to him that he should stay cold blooded against any condition. I would recommend to him think slow and never forget that every bad or good things can happen. Your life can change in a second thats wht you shouldn't give up.
Looking back to my younger years, I am sometimes amazed at how life has turned. Nothing is exactly what I had originally planned for. The only thing that stays the same is who I am, my values, and my interests.
Fast forward to today, I have moved to a new city. Most importantly I have got myself involved in a lot of things I would have never thought of if I was living a mundane life and tried to stick to plans. Nonetheless, I have summed up what I have learned -- the new perspectives on life. And if I could go back in time and hang out with my younger self for a day, here's what I will tell him.

  • Everything happens for a reason -- understand this. Without mistakes and failure, you would have never learned. Without breakups, you would have never met someone new. Without pain, you would have never grown. Once you understand this -- really understand this -- you will know that everything comes in to serve a purpose and then it will go. You will not dwell on disappointments or view unfortunate events as regrets. But rather, you'd see them as opportunities in disguise -- only those with a sharp brain and a spiritual mind can understand the fleeting nature of events in life. So don't stress or ever think that life is unfair, because everything happens for a reason. And only time will tell.
  • Focus on one thing at a time. You can have it all but not all at once.
  • You can plan ahead but your plan will definitely change when the time comes.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • It's OK to be unsure about your purpose in life.
  • Don't try too hard with people.
  • Take a leap of faith in yourself.
I would say, "Buy Bitcoin. Thank me 10 years later" and tell myself a secret I know about myself :P
I would say that always follow the new things and stayed with the blockchain and the cryptocurrency.
I'll start by giving myself the passcode I use for almost everything not online or financial I'd definitely know it's me than I'd tell myself to buy bitcoin in the plenty when it drops..
i've always been a believer so there won't be an issue convincing myself that it's me.. all i need to do i tell myself which stock to buy and which not to touch ;)

i would say, "good work till now, however you need to have more patience than what you already possess". There is a lot of meditation required in what i do so i would recommend a bit more time in that and more introspection.. instead of taking a load of time to explain to people what is best for them during counselling sessions, i would recommend myself to ask people to come up more often with their answers and methods to resolve their issues and work with them to tweak them to their needs... and to definitely drink more water!!!
I would talk tell him (me) about the time i got my tooth chipped in grade school, and i'd say to buy microsoft and apple haha
I would share a secret that only i know and tell myself to invest usd1000 in bitcoin.