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You can spend an hour with anyone in history, who is it and what do you talk about?

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosale :
If we collect some terminologies from Management studies like leading by example, finance management, vision etc. we can easily relate them with Shivaji maharaj & his life which are still helping us in 21st century.

Here are some of his qualities I wish to explore more and more:

Shivaji is known as one of the greatest organizers in history.
By dint of his remarkable powers, he collected together the scattered Marathas and turned them into an organised formidable force.

An efficient general and military strategist:
He was a successful general and knew well how to strike at the enemy. As a result of his strategies, he was able to face the mighty armies of the Sultans of Bijapur and the Mughals.

A skillful diplomat:

He never let his enemies unite against him. He got his father free from the Sultan of Bijapur on account of his diplomacy. His freedom from the detention of Aurangzeb at Agra speaks volumes of his diplomacy.

An enlightened administratator
Shivaji was an administrator of great ability and practical vision. He personally looked after the working of various departments. He was ruthless with those officers who indulged in corruption and oppression.

Respect for others faith:
His treatment with the followers of other faiths was very fair. Even a great critic of Shivaji like Khafi Khan has observed about him that he had “made it a rule that whenever his followers went plundering, they should do no harm to the mosques, the Book of God (Quran) or the women,chils of anyone.”

An inspiring leader:
His influence on account of his inspiring leadership grew so rapidly that his staunch enemy Aurangzeb himself had to admit “My armies have been employed against him for nineteen years and nevertheless his (Shivaji’s) state has always been increasing.”

An obedient son:
Shivaji loved his parents greatly. He was extremely devoted to his mother Jijabai. He worshipped her like a goddess and obeyed her command.

A dutiful disciple:
Shivaji had a great respect for his gurus.

Regenerator of the Hindus:
Shivaji attempted to generate a new spirit of pride among the Hindus. He however, was also very particular to maintain the honour of Muslim women and the holy Quran.

A benevolent ruler:
Shivaji worked for the welfare of his subjects.

Shivaji as the maker of India Independence from foreign invadors:
Shivaji welded the Maratha race into a mighty nation and he achieved all this in the teeth of the opposition of mighty powers like the Mughals, Bijapur and the Portuguese in India. As J.N. Sarkar, the great historian said, “He welded the Marathas into a mighty nation which comprises of 75,% today's India”
Satoshi Nakamoto - Creator of bitcoin .
Talk about what was his 50 year vision on how the world will change with digital currency
Abraham Lincoln

The man was severely depressed, he was the reason the Civil War broke out, he was responsible for keeping the United States together, he's had many tragic things happen during his life... yet he was successful and able to hold on to his ideals in a pragmatic way.

I've suffered (and still dealing with) depression and feel a sense of kinship with Lincoln in that I share somewhat of an 'outside the box' kind of mindset that doesn't fit in society well.

I would love to talk to him about his insights on these issues and how to manage them.
I would like to have a chat with Elvis Presley and talk about music. I would also like to know why in the world did he let his wife leave him. I know in actual it was Priscilla who had ask for a divorce but he should have fought for her all the way and prevented all of it from happening which might have saved his life. Who knows.
I would also like to talk with Abraham Lincoln. I would ask him how he would solve the crisis that is happening around the world today on racism and racial differences to achieve global peace and harmony. To me, Abraham Lincoln has the charisma and cappasity to achive it just because of who he is.
Albert Einstein,
I would love to learn more about the process that he followed to arrive at the conclusions that he made, & most importantly what implications those theories have on us in our daily lives.
I would meet with Whitney Houston and i save her from drugs and keep her alive!

I would like to talk to Simon Bolivar and ask him how he did to liberate five nations and what were the battles he remembers most.
MahatmGandhi, i liked his wepon used for independence (satyagraha and ahimsa
I would talk to Hitler and beg him to be calm!
One of the choices would have to be a visionary like JCR lickliter, his work in the late 1950s led to the internet in the sixties . He was one of the first western computer scientist to envision distributed networks. He later worked at ARPA as the director of information processing techniques.

Arpa would become Darpa (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in the 1960s.