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You have 3 items to leave in a 20 year time capsule. What are they?

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If I were to put items in a time capsule, I would chose to put in valuables that would show the future generation how life was like during our time. I would put in an iPhone and iPad with a charger.
If I were to put an item in to a time capsule , It would be some thing in my generation that is advanced in technology . It can show future generations that technology changes fast. It would also show them how we think. One of the things that i would put into the capsule is an Xbox ONE.
A secret key for a wallet with 1000s of XLM in it.
A letter from myself to me.
Pictures of my family
A few silver/gold coins

1. Ledger Nano X filled with cryptos
2. My Gibson LP guitars
3. My fishing reels
  1. The Vision that we as a family have for the next 20 years
  2. Our current photos and a recording from each of us for each of us in a titanium pen drive stating how we wish to lead our lives for the next 20 years.
  3. Wager on who would still have six pack abs ;o)
(1) My private keys to my ledger nano
(2) letters I would ask my daughter to write to themselves
(3) a private coupon I made for my wife, granting her anything she wants within USD 1 mill.
My first cellphone, a old trophy, and my dogs old collar
1. My gold medal in NCC
2. Bottle of wine
3. My hard disk with some great movies in it.
My phone
Laptop to trade in cryptocurrency and
Best food
My baby blanket, first drivers license, picture of my wife