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You’re given the choice to either travel back in time and change one thing in your life or receive $150,000 cash. What are you choosing?

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Ofcourse travel back in time...

Why ?

Because then I would be able to stop myself at the moment right before hurting someone. This way some people in life will have atleast one less heartbreak.

Yeah I would have answered like I would buy bitcoin and be a billionaire but what's the point of money if you have hurt people around you. 🙂
I would choose to go back in time and change one time in my life. You know what I am thinking. I would have being a bitcoin billionaire.
i would take the cash.. since all mistakes in life are the reason why with age we become more experienced.. hence i have embraced all my mistakes in life.. i've become the way i am right now because i went through all those things in my past... extra cash will be more than welcomed!!! :)
I will travel back in time.. It affords me the chance to correct a whole lot of errors and straighten things for the future.
I have no regrets. My life has been perfect thankfully and it will be perfect until the end of time. Every action I take and every action I will take has been and is predetermined. So i would take $150K and share it with poor people.
Never started smoking. Easily the worst decision I ever made.    
Going back in time and choosing not to waste 4 year of my life to go to college and instead starting my own business.
Will Definitely go with the cash.

I know how severely any action I change in past can affect Today's reality.

Let me explain,

To better understand what we're dealing with here, consider the famous  grandfather paradox . You're a time-traveling assassin , and your target just happens to be your own grandfather. So you pop through the nearest wormhole and walk up to a spry 18-year-old version of your father's father. You raise your laser blaster, but just what happens when you pull the trigger?

Think about it. You haven't been born yet. Neither has your father. If you kill your own grandfather in the past, he'll never have a son. That son will never have you, and you'll never happen to take that job as a time-traveling assassin. You wouldn't exist to pull the trigger, thus negating the entire string of events. this an  inconsistent causal loop .

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Or Simply go and watch all seasons of FLASH

(WTF barry ! it's 2019 and I am still poor. Stop fucking with the timeline !)
I'm generally happy with my life so I would definitely take the money. Besides, if you change one decision in your past, you can't know what will that cause for the future. It could be that you end up homeless just because of that decision.
Sincerely, I would receive $150,000