You wake up to the news that the zombie apocalypse has begun. What is your first move?

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  • Look out the window carefully. Start calling a few people to see what’s going on. If I can’t reach anyone, start checking websites and social media. If I start seeing confirmation, then start kicking into high gear.
  • Grab a weapon. Wake everyone up carefully, hopefully nobody turned overnight.
  • Give everyone tasks to move supplies upstairs. Fill containers with water. Keep an eye out on the street.
  • Grab power packs and start charging them. Don’t know when power could go out. Grab portable tv and radio upstairs. Good thing I have a Dc to AC inverter.
  • Check if the coast is clear, then make a mad dash to garage to grab tools to use as weapons, like the axe, shovels, rakes ,etc. Make more trips if safe. Position the cars in the driveway for easy access and fast getaway. Not saying if I have guns or not, but if I did, get them all upstairs and ready.
  • Set some diversionary devices away from the house. A few clock radios connected by extension cords running up to upstairs where we can plug them in to turn on as needed. Even loud static might work.
  • Lock all the doors and windows. Pull all blinds and shades.
  • Build a barricade at the foot of the stairs all the way to the top.
  • Keep quiet, shelter in place until it’s safe, hopefully quickly.
  • Keep monitoring radio, internet, social media if possible. Watch outside for zombie activity, or survivor activity. Most likely, will not expose ourselves unless necessary. If zombies wander through, keep quiet and hidden and hopefully they go away. If survivors approach and try to enter, warn them away. If they try to enter, then defend ourselves as necessary.
  • If we’re lucky, help arrives and we go to safety.
  • If not, and supplies start running out, we may have to go out and search for supplies, or take our chances and drive out in search of help and a safe place.
Run to the mountains as zombies can't reach to the top of such mountains 😁
Take out my shotgun from garage and Go Goa Gone 😁

VERY FIRST THING that i would check on TV or Radio is that if the airport is still functioning and which city or country is still unaffected... and blaze there if the answer is yes..


Collect as many people together who are willing to fight.. Set up a perimeter, set up traps and ring fence the entire area that we all will be living in.. assign eyes on high up areas and arm people with guns (if possible)

Stock up on explosives, fuel, weapons of all sorts, food, medicines, water.. lots and lots of water.. and generators and invertor batteries and vehicles.. check for all kinds of doctors, nurses, physios & energy healers of all sorts in our area and gather them together as well..

stack up on first aid and medicine aid help books.. and keep praying and check for a way out or to be saved by some military!!!

You need to choose a good hideout first! You need to get out of the cities. A lot of us live in cities nowadays as they’re so convenient and full of shops, but if civilisation collapsed and you had to do things for yourself, the city is one of the worst places to be. What if there’s no electricity, no gas, no running water, no lights, heating, and you can’t grow your own food because everything’s covered in tarmac? You’ll want to escape to the countryside! Find a spot near a river with fresh water you can drink, and start learning how to grow your own food. The Lake District would be ideal.
Pack a survival kit! Imagine you’ve got a four-minute warning to get out of the house. Grab some fresh water and cans of food if you forget your can-opener, don’t worry because you now know how to open one without! A Knife, twine for tying things, or failing that, use your iPod headphones instead! And don’t forget that empty plastic bottle for sterilising water. It’s all about being clever, ingenious and using things in new ways.
Obtain a gun and as many bullets as possible!
Stack up on my food and water supply and a mountain of RMEs and hide in a cave with my family and blow the entrance to the cave.
l make sure the front gate is locked
I'll open facebook and change my profile as the brain eater and post some photos of zombies and tag my best friends.
I would fill water in balloons and throw and prank the zombies.
I'd call my crush (finally)
I'll recite the Gettysburg speech before my fellow zombies several times and pledge to unite them with humans.
All this could happen if the Zees couldn't climb wall.
If they climbed… then shit!!
I would go out and collect as many supplies as possible and search for a place to hold up while the craziness ensues.